Carswell gets USC offer

It remains evident that the Trojans would like to bring in one or two receivers in the class of 2007, but finding that prospect has been a difficult task. The Trojan coaching staff took advantage of the recent bye week, and hit the recruiting trail very aggressively spotting many of their top in-state targets.

The SC coaches took in games of many of the top in-state receiver prospects, in search of a player worthy of a scholarship. It seemed as if the coaches would find their man with names such as Kayne Farquharson, Markques Simas, Kenny O'Neal, and David Richmond on the board. Well, the coaching staff found their man alright, but it came as a surprise to many, even the player earning the scholarship himself.

Three-star wide receiver prospect Brandon Carswell of Milpitas HS (CA.) has been on the Trojan recruiting radar for some time now, drawing solid reviews for his performance at the SC camps back in June. But Carswell received some unexpected news this past weekend, as he earned a full-ride scholarship from the USC Trojans.

"I've been talking to Coach Ruel and he was telling me that he was sorry he was taking so long, but it is a slow process and I understand that. He (Ruel) said that the coaches watched film on me and really liked it. He then gave the phone to Coach Kiffin and he was telling me how he's been pumping me up since the camp and he was really impressed. After I talked to Coach Kiffin, Coach Carroll got on the phone and gave me the offer."

Oddly enough, the game that earned Carswell a scholarship to SC saw him play exclusively at quarterback. And even though Milpitas lost, Carswell had a very solid outing.

"I rushed for 123 yards and touchdown," said Carswell. "I passed for eighty-something yards, but we still lost."

While many Trojan fans were surprised by the offer, none were as shocked as Carswell himself after hearing the news.

"I mean, it was really crazy," commented Carswell on the SC offer. "I really wasn't expecting it since I don't talk to the SC coaches as much as the other schools. It really was mind blowing."

Previous to the SC offer, Carswell had Oregon and Cal at the top of his list, but the offer from SC has changed the order up a bit.

"The offer puts them right up there with Oregon and Cal, just with them being who they are and all. I don't really have any favorites, but the offer really puts them at the top."

Carswell did have this to say about his top three schools.

USC – "I really like the coaching staff and how many guys that are playing young there. I'm a competitive person and I want to get on the field early, so I will definitely take that into account."

Oregon – "I have a really good chemistry with the coaches. We always joke around every time we talk and they let me know that they really want me up there."

Cal – "Cal is really coming after me hard. It's a lot like the situation with Oregon, I have a good chemistry with the coaches and that's real important to me."

Carswell insists that the offer from SC will not lead to a commitment anytime soon; yet the three-star wide receiver prospect plans on taking all five of his official visits before making a decision.

"I still want to wait and take all of my visits," said Carswell. "I want to feel comfortable wherever I am at, so I am going to check out all the schools on my list. I know I'm going to visit USC, Oregon, and Cal, but the other two visits are up in the air right now."

Although SC entered the picture a little later then some of the other schools atop Carswell's list, he insists that it will have little or no bearing on his decision.

"Right now, I would say that it wouldn't affect them as long as I maintain a good relationship with the coaching staff there (USC)."

Carswell has kept a close on eye on the depth chart at SC, and feels that it plays favorably to his abilities and attitude.

"With them losing their top receivers, that plays a really big role in what I think of them. I would say that and the coaches there set them apart."

Many of the recruits on the Trojan wish list have taken in a Saturday experience at the Coliseum for game day, but Carswell has yet to do so. He now plans on unofficially visiting SC for the California game, and is really looking forward to it.

"I'm going to SC for the Cal game," said Carswell of his intentions to take in a game day at SC. "I'm going to go there and check things out for myself, and take it all in."

Milpitas is currently 4-3 on the year, relying heavily on the individual abilities of the talented athlete. Stay tuned for recruiting updates and much more on Top Stories