Pete's Arboblog - OSU review

Well, we all sort of felt that one coming, although maybe not against Oregon State. Yet, when you think about it, if we are only going to lose one (and that's highly debatable) this is not a bad one to lose. We still control our own destiny for the RB, although San Diego currently seems more likely, now, doesn't it?

It got off to a rocky start: I ordered breakfast in Eugene at 7:30 with a not very full restaurant. But their waffle maker had broken, so I got oatmeal, but the waffle did not come until 8:15 when I had to get in the car and go with Paul and Ann, our director.

It was foggy and freezing when we got there. Just about the only music we could find on the radio was country, or disco. Yikes! I wandered around campus some to take in the atmosphere. Very "earthy" group, hearty stock, that lives up here. Leaves were changing, chill in the air. Good old-fashioned fall football in the Pacific NW.

Got a call from Ann who told me to high tail it back to the press box as JJ was gong to be late (could not get a flight out of LA until the morning due to his HS football TV game conflict) and he was stuck in traffic. Omen #2: I got to/had to do about an hour of the pre-game show with Suzy. I never worry about such things, it's fun to gab and know what you're talking about (most of the time) and I am part of a team, in a true sense, so we all pick each other up when we can and when the call comes.

Omen #3, as it turns out: I chose a Hawaiian shirt from the grouping of new shirts I had received during the week, but second-guessed myself and did not put them on in order, taking #2 to Oregon with me, getting a better "feeling" from it as I took out the first one from the closet on Friday morning, then putting it back.

I might have taken a bit too long to unveil it, too, for when I did, it might have been too late already.

So now do I go back to #1 shirt (probably) or on to #3 shirt? Problems, problems.

Not to mention we turned the ball over four times, gave up a 70 yard PR for a score, and are still a "light switch" team that appears to believe itself to be great, but does not necessarily play that way until it's "time" This time, "time" came too late.

Gotta give it to the boys for a great comeback though. I mean, down 23 in the third quarter and getting within a two-point pass that I wish was a high lob of tying it and going into OT.

The mood on the plane was surprisingly upbeat. The guys weren't all quiet and moody (except Emmanuel, heh, heh) We watched most of "The Island" Scarlet still looks great. Is she even 21 yet? Even her clone looked good. Will Collins has made Coach Ruel a turtle, so the tradition continues. He answered the question with his usual deep growly voice, and smiled.

Had, BTW a lovely dinner with the Torgan's, Ed and Candy (but not her evil twin sister), the Radovich family, Hillary and Mark. Others came in and out including Paul, Bill Boyd, Dave Baker and his son; coach Fertig was hanging around the lobby.

I ran the river trail out back of the hotel, one of the best runs in the Pac Ten, saw Mike and Susanne Garret on the run and waved and smiled at the lovebirds. They looked so happy together. Say Tim Tessalone tooling along the nest morning while waiting for my waffle.

It was college football at its best. Take yourselves out of the picture for a moment, let's play pretend: #3 Michigan just got beat at Northwestern for the 9th time in 70 years, fans storm the field on a perfect fall day. NW was way ahead, but Michigan misses a two-point conversion pass at the gun. You and the rest of the nation roar in delight. The only people who wouldn't get it are those in maize and blue. It's over. We still have home streaks to work on, and new road streaks to start.

We set the standard. They will be chasing it for years. And when we lose, other teams storm the field. Tells you something.

Beat the Farm!

Barristers beat Lincoln 21-7 to clinch, I think a playoff spot. Could make it a sure thing with an unlikely win at home this Saturday against hated Wilson on homecoming afternoon at 2. Where will you be?

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