Wednesday practice tidbits

I was not able to make practice but here are some notes after talking to a couple people who were there:

* The big play of the day came courtesy of Allen Bradford who took a pass and ran over Fili Moala. Both people I spoke with said the play was very impressive.

* John David Booty threw the ball well and moved the first offense efficiently. He had a couple long throws to Travon Patterson. Dwayne Jarrett also looked good.

* Oscar Lua continued to take reps as the first team MLB with Rey nursing a groin injury.

* In the run drill the defense was paying particular attention to trying to rip the ball out from the running backs but it wasn't happening. Chauncey was praised for doing a good job holding on to the ball. Stafon Johnson also had a good run.

* David Ausberry had a TD catch during service team drills that reminded one onlooker of the touchdown grab Mike Williams had against UCLA where he went up over the defender to make the play.

* Coach Norton seemed particularly animated today while working his linebackers hard. They put in a lot of effort on the sled drill. Top Stories