Pete's Arboblog - Post Stanford thoughts

A great new stadium, a great result, now let's get on to the real games.

I love collecting new stadiums, and even though the new one in Palo Alto is on the exact same grounds as the old one, it in no way resembles the old place, which was clearly the worst facility in the Pac-10 for fans. No longer far away from the action in a cavernous stadium that most often was only half filled, now the teams have the crowd right on top of them.

Still wasn't full, but it will be someday, and tickets will be hard to come by, and it will be a tough place to play....someday.

Now, Stanford is young, beat up, and the guys who ARE playing, by and large, aren't the cream of the crop from the recruiting wars. A bad combination in the Pac-10. I make the joke on the air about it being a JV game, but really, you have to feel SC practices are tougher than what the Indians/Trees, Cardinal put up in the way of a front.

Honestly, do you think there is a high school team inthe state, in the country that could beat them? How about the high school all star team in the Army game? It wouldn't surprise me, after all, once upon a time, the college all stars defeated the super bowl champion Steelers I think it was when they used to play that game in the summer.

So Stanford is down. Do we feel bad for them? About as much as they did for us when we were down. Not-------so-------much.

However, Oregon is not down, neither is Cal, Notre Dame and UCLA follow. What will you be doing for the next four Saturday's, not to mention what will be on your mind for just about every waking moment of those four weeks? Heavenly agony.

I did a great deal of geoaching around our hotel Friday late afternoon, running from spot to spot over about an hour. Had a nice dinner in the hotel, talked with friends and boosters. The Elks convention was there. Paul not in as he and his wife are spending the weekend in Frisco, JJ does not come in until game day, so I am on my own, just hanging out in my room mostly, watching TV. Ah, the glamorous life of the sportscaster. Then, we got to Stanford so early, I did another hour there before the game.

On the air, we did a pretty good job of belaboring the obvious outcome and used a LOT of notes that might not otherwise get used than in a 42-0 blowout. No need for the Hawaiian shirt this time, but it was there just in case!

Prep work already well underway for the Ducks, Bears and will actually start the domers tomorrow.


I am told, but have yet to see the tape, that Marshall scored on a fumble return with 7 minutes left and a 90 yards interception return with 2 minutes to go to beat Wilson 210-16 and maybe get a home playoff game in two weeks. Marshall almost never beats these guys, but all of a sudden has done so twice straight. This week it's the season finale at LA high on Thursday at 2:15. Thursday due to the veteran's day holiday.

And the aforementioned 4th ranked girls tennis team of coach Jerry Arbogast at home at Griffith Park's Riverside courts Wednesday at 1. Going to see Motley Crue and Aerosmith at the Hollywood Bowl (seems almost sacrilegious somehow, that kind of music there!)

Hanging at my kids house in Santa Clarita as their Mom is away on business in Ohio for a few days. See you at practice tomorrow. Top Stories