Oregon game travel guide

A guide of things to see and do for the USC vs Oregon game this Saturday at the Coliseum

GAME NINE – OREGON (Homecoming)

Nov. 11: Kickoff 7:15 p.m. PST
Televised: FSN
Location: Los Angeles
Stadium: Memorial Coliseum (grass)
Capacity: 92, 516
Coliseum Seating Chart: LA Coliseum
Ticket: $40
Websites: www.goducks.com


From the North

1.Take the 110 Freeway south

2. Exit Exposition Blvd., turn left on Flower St.

3. Follow the directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the South

1.Take the 110 Freeway north

2.Exit Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

3. Turn left on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and follow directional signs to Coliseum parking lots.

From the East

1.Take the 10 Freeway west

2.Exit Los Angeles St.

3. Turn left on Broadway St. or Hill St.

4. Follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the West

1.Take the 10 Freeway east

2. Exit Hoover St. and turn right

3. Turn left on Jefferson St.

4. Turn right on Figueroa St.

5. Continue past campus and follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

Tommy Trojan Game Day Tips

USC Campus – After the big 42-0 blowout at Stanford to get the Trojans back on track, what better way to celebrate? Try Homecoming and you can bet your old Matt Leinart jersey the campus will be decked out in all its splendor. There will be food booths, games, and giveaways that should make this one of the highlights of the season. Our advice is to get there early because everybody else will. The fact the game is at night should make the atmosphere that much more festive. We also suggest looking for the basketball shooting area, which has given out some free stuff if you can make a free throw. Members of the men's and women's teams have traditionally been available for autographs.

Trojan Bookstore – You've got your pom poms? You've got your Trojan jacket for Saturday's evening game? Well, its time to break down and get the "Fight On" horn for your car. Nothing like telling an Oregon fan to move out of the way with a little Trojan Auto Marching Band horn. The little woman might be uneasy, but just think how those visitors from Eugene are going to feel!

Tailgate – Boy, do you have to make a decision for Saturday, Trojan fans. It's Homecoming and do you fire up the grill on campus or do you go to your traditional spot? Either way, brother, you'd better make a quick decision because with another 92,000 fans expected for this big Pac-10 eliminator, you ‘d best have a plan to stake out your eating spot. Game Day Sports Bar/Restaurant

Lawrys The Prime Rib (Beverly Hills)
100 N. La Cienega

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