Wednesday practice tidbits

The Trojan defense led the way today during an intense practice that featured a lot of work on assignment football in preparation for the option attack within the Oregon offense.

The defense worked on recognizing the option, finding the pitch man. Terrell Thomas, one of the defenders who has played against this offense before, was working with the other members of the secondary to give them tips.

To show the intensity, there were a few good match-ups today. Stafon Johnson came through the hole on one service team run and was met hard with a tackle by Brian Cushing and it resulted in some jawing back and forth. During the 7 on 7 passing drills, normally a fairly relaxed drill, we saw Dallas Sartz put a good pop on Patrick Turner off the line. It was definitely a no-nonsense kind of day.

In those same 7 on 7 drills there was good competition between Steve Smith and Cary Harris although Smith had the better of him on the day, including one nice fade pass in the end zone.

There was a lot of work on punt coverage drills. Chauncey Washington was taking his handoffs and running them out to the end zone, even during a drill that was starting on the offense 20 yard line. C.J. Gable had one of the highlight plays of the day when he caught a screen pass and ran over a blackshirt defender. Before he went against the defender, however, his shoe came off and Kaluka Maiava picked it up and wouldn't give it back. It was a light moment during an otherwise serious practice. Top Stories