Pete's Arboblog - Oregon review

There are few things as fun as calling a big game at home with the crowd going wild and the team playing good ball, getting a big win on an emotional day, and getting back in the hunt for the national title, plus setting up a conference championship showdown the following week!

I started by going and watching soccer, as daddy's and bonus daddy's do. Jenny's daughter Holly is on a team that has not won and has not scored a goal all year. Until today. And SHE got it!! They lost 6-1. She is tall and athletic and plays well enough to garner all-star consideration, so is getting a look-see on a Thanksgiving tournament team.

Left that thrill-fest to go watch SC play some men's hoops against Cal Poly Pomona at Galen. Sat in the front row with Hoppe and his son, between Mike Garrett and Don Winston, with Jenny and Leo. Team looks out of whack, plays hard, as Tim Floyd teams will certainly do, but barely beat a division II team. Might be a long year, let's hope they are better than that, or CPP is great. I think the Bruins kicked them by 30 the other night.

I called games in the old CCAA with Mark Helmer, doing games for UC Riverside, which was featured in the Times the other day for having a tough time of it under ex-SC assistant David Spencer. Stan Morrison, old SC head coach who had to run after allegations of recruiting improprieties were being whispered regarding messrs. Gathers/Kimble and Lewis did a large dis service to the Highlanders by firing coach John Masi who had taken UCR from the old deays through the adjustment to DI, then got blown up. Too bad. Masi IS Riverside basketball. I like Stan, but you gotta let the guy live the dream after coming so far with his little town program.

Anyway, those were some great days going to Bakersfield, Northridge, SLO, Chapman CSLA, Dominguez and more!

After the game, we headed over the campus to take in homecoming, got some great free food from the SAE's, some sodas from Kappa Sig's, everyone just welcomed anyone who stopped by. Played some games, petted Traveler, took some pictures talked some football.

A leisurely stroll through the Rose Garden (perhaps a portent of things to come!) brought us to the Coliseum.

It was fully four hours prior to kickoff when I got there, but what else do I have to do, anyway. So I went upstairs, watched some ball, ate a little, hob-knobbed, prepped, went down and sat with my daughter Stephanie, daughter Ronnie and her boyfriend Adam, and the drama teacher at Valencia high who has all three of my kids in his class, Mr. Whelan, a huge SC fan, before heading up to the booth with Marshall football coach Andy Moran and his brother in law.

The joint was jumping right for the start, crowd was on fire! Love the first drive, where Oregon goes the distance and gets…..NOTHING!!

Of course, SC does pretty much the same thing, as Steve Smith deeked me out when he pretended to catch the ball that was intercepted. No score after on, I thought it might be lower scoring than some thought. (I was wrong but it looked good at that point)

Great pick by Mays, going up high, and an even better return, setting up two scores in less than two minutes. Another long Duck Drive gets ‘em…..NOTHING!!!

Third quarter, and Dixon pitches poorly, Ray stomps on Stewart as Sartz comes up with it and we are rolling. Later a super acceleration by Chauncey to put it away.

I have never seen, nor heard of a review of a review, but as I said at the time, no matter how many points they give the Ducks, it won't be enough tonight.

Fourth quarter, two more Duck Drives, one of 14 plays, the other 9 plays 57 yards get ‘em….NOTHING!!

Cal loses to Arizona. Not the Arizona team we saw certainly, they must have played the Cardinals. Stanford beat someone other than their scout team. Not the Stanford team we saw, but the reunion of the Thunderchickens.

UCLA beats Oregon State easily. Not the Oregon State team that left everything on the field against SC. Kansas State beats Texas. South Carolina SHOULD have beaten Florida. Louisville lost, Auburn throttled by Georgia. Michigan loses to Ohio State—wait I'm jumping ahead of myself.

Anyway, we're number three, and a win this week, and another and another would mean a return trip to the Big Show against a big ten team, all with five contributing seniors.

Funny how things have changed in a couple of weeks.

Don't think they can't change again.

The crowd and the team have to be just as good or maybe even better this Saturday. And then again, and then again. Can't wait. Top Stories