Cal game travel guide

Click below to see a list of things to see and do for the next USC home game against the Cal Bears


Nov. 18: Kickoff 5:00 p.m. PST
Televised: ABC
Location: Los Angeles
Stadium: Memorial Coliseum (grass)
Capacity: 92, 516
Seating Chart:
Ticket: $40


From the North

1.Take the 110 Freeway south
2. Exit Exposition Blvd., turn left on Flower St.
3. Follow the directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the South

1.Take the 110 Freeway north
2.Exit Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
3. Turn left on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and follow directional signs to Coliseum parking lots.

From the East

1.Take the 10 Freeway west
2.Exit Los Angeles St.
3. Turn left on Broadway St. or Hill St.
4. Follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the West

1.Take the 10 Freeway east
2. Exit Hoover St. and turn right
3. Turn left on Jefferson St.
4. Turn right on Figueroa St.
5. Continue past campus and follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

Tommy Trojan Game Day Tips

USC Campus – This is it, baby, the Rose Bowl on the line, and it's time to turn the campus into a sea of cardinal and gold. If it's like any other bowl deciding game, you'll want to be there when the band huddles near Tommy Trojan for the walk to the Coliseum. Those Cal Bear fans think this is the end of the line for the boys in the Cardinal and Gold, but the best way to point the Trojans In the right direction is the pregame show on campus. Isn't it about time you break out your new John David Booty No. 10 jersey?

Trojan Bookstore – Need some extra time to do some reading? May we advise getting some of those new books on Trojan football like Fight On by Loel Schrader and Steve Bisheff. This one we highly recommend and if you want some fun with your friends, go over the Top 50 Trojan football players list in the book and let the debates begin. Heck, the book even lists the authors top Trojan football games ever played in order and you know what they picked No. 1? Check out the book and find out. You just thought you don't have a John David Booty No. 10 jersey. The Bookstore is the place to get one.

Tailgate – Now, you know how those Cal Bear fans will be smacking it up on how they're going to derail not only the Trojans renewed BCS title hopes, but end any hope of the Rose Bowl as well. Not so fast, my little cubbies. Invite some of those fans from Berkeley for a burger or some chili and show them what Trojan No. 1 is all about. Yeah, and this would be a good time to wear that No. 10 jersey.

Trojan Walk – Wow, does this parade get anymore intense as we head into critical games with Cal and Notre Dame? Last week against Oregon, it was like a Hollywood premiere. So many camera flashes as the Men of Troy gave the crowd a look of national championship intensity. Fans are now packed four deep, so we recommend during this exciting time of the season to be there at least 30 minutes before the Trojan Walk. Don't wait for the sirens of the police escorts or the sounds of Trojan Fanfare to begin assembling and, if you're up close, don't be surprised if the hand you're slapping five with belongs to Coach Carroll.

Game Day Sports Bar/Restaurant

The Original Pantry (Los Angeles)
877 S. Figueroa
213-972-9279 Top Stories