Notre Dame travel guide

A guide of things to see and do for the Trojan game on Saturday against Notre Dame


Nov. 25: Kickoff 5:00 p.m. PST
Televised: ABC
Location: Los Angeles
Stadium: Memorial Coliseum (grass)
Capacity: 92,516
Seating chart:
Ticket: $65


From the North

1.Take the 110 Freeway south
2. Exit Exposition Blvd., turn left on Flower St.
3. Follow the directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the South

1.Take the 110 Freeway north
2.Exit Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
3. Turn left on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and follow directional signs to Coliseum parking lots.

From the East

1.Take the 10 Freeway west
2.Exit Los Angeles St.
3. Turn left on Broadway St. or Hill St.
4. Follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the West

1.Take the 10 Freeway east
2. Exit Hoover St. and turn right
3. Turn left on Jefferson St.
4. Turn right on Figueroa St.
5. Continue past campus and follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

Tommy Trojan Game Day Tips

USC Campus – Are you ready for the greatest Intersectional game in college football history? Well, you'd better be. This is more than a game, it's an event. You need to visit Heritage Hall ASAP and go immediately to the display of the "Shillelagh." The foot-long shillelagh has ruby adorned Trojan heads with the year and the score of each Trojan victory, while emerald-studded shamrocks stand for wins by the Fighting Irish. For tie games, it's a combined Trojan head/shamrock medallion. At the end of the club is engraved, "From the Emerald Isle." The winner of each game gets to keep possession of the trophy for that year.

Trojan Bookstore – Now is the time to see if there are any Game Day shirts for Saturday night's BCS elimination match. Now if you have ever considered buying a shirt for a specific USC game, this is the one that you can wear with pride, even when the result doesn't always go the Trojans' way. Why? Because it's USC and Notre Dame and needs no further explanation. We have said this before, but this will be the last sellout of the Coliseum season and those pompoms are looking mighty good on ABC national television. Purchase a pair and you can be part of "The Show."

Tailgate – Generally speaking, Irish fans are generally speaking. There is always a great deal of memories and predictions from the SoCal Irish alumni, who come out of the woodwork for this one. One of the highlights is to walk over to the designated Notre Dame area and listen to some of the Irish's favorite tunes, like the famed Notre Dame Victory March. There is a rumor this year that maybe the Irish are sending a limited number of junior and senior band members to spice things up. If even 70 ND band members show up, it will make the day even more eventful. Trust the old travel guide master, you won't need the Irish band to perform live. There will be enough CDs with Notre Dame's greatest hits playing in the tailgate areas of Exposition Park. Oh, and don't forget to plant your USC flag because there will be more flags with ND on them than you can imagine.

Trojan Walk – So you thought last week's chance to see the Trojan team walk in was a treat? So you thought the "boys" looked might serious before they whacked the Bears all the way to the Holiday Bowl? So you thought there was a big turnout of fans and it seemed like four-deep in every location of the Trojan Walk? You ain't seen nothing yet, partner. This IS the big game of the year. Normally we say get there 30 minutes early before the Trojans arrive, well, forget that and plan 50 minutes ahead of time. You can always tell when the Men of Troy are playing the Irish; you'll never see a set of more serious faces on Pete Carroll's players. It will make last week's Trojan Walk look like a love fest.

Game Day Sports Bar/Restaurant

Palm Restaurant
110 S. Flower
Los Angeles
213-763-4600 Top Stories