Q&A with Donovan Warren

We caught up with Warren and asked about recruiting, becoming a running back this season and his thoughts on which Poly prospects we'll be hearing from in 2007.

Before the season began, Donovan Warren was slated to start at wide receiver. However, after an anemic offensive performance in their season opening 9-7 loss to Rancho Santa Margarita, Warren ran the ball six times for 63 yards in the Jackrabbits second game.--a 46-8 Poly victory. For the season, Warren has 47 carries for 318 yards and four touchdown. He's also caught 11 passes for 146 yards with two touchdowns.

SS: You've officially visited Arizona, California and Michigan. Do you have any other visits set up?

DW: I have two schools I'm supposed to visit, but I'm not sure if I'm going to, yet. If I do, it would be to Ohio State and Oregon.

SS: Where are you right now in regards to schools you're still considering?

DW: It's the two local schools (USC and UCLA), Cal, Michigan and Ohio State. That's basically it right now."

SS: College coaches are basically salesmen when it comes to recruiting. What are the coaches from the schools you're still considering telling you why their school/program is the best fit for you?

DW: Cal is just telling me I could come in and make an immediate impact. They're losing DB's and they feel the competition they face fits me. They break down the depth chart real good. tell me how they can help, and tell me about the history--and things like that.

Michigan is selling the big tradition they have up there, they're always at the top and they have great academics. They're losing some corners, so there's going to be some spots opening up there, too. They're also telling me I can come in and compete at a big-time program and see some early looks.

UCLA is trying to turn things around, so that means I can come and step in right away. Coach (Dwayne) Walker (defensive coordinator) tells me I could have a big impact immediately over there. They're trying to turn the program around, so they need some guys to come in and change it around. Also, it's close to home and they have a great defensive coordinator.

Oregon: They're also trying to change their defense around and how they use the corners. They need some guys who can ball to come in, also. They're telling me they have the best facilities, the best uniforms and that's about it with Oregon.

USC is just telling me it's like family there. They get people to the NFL every year and it's a winning program. Even though there's already cornerbacks there, I'm still going to have the opportunity to compete for playing time. They put the best players on the field, so that's another good thing.

Ohio State is No. 1 and at the top, so they have a lot of confidence up there. They're telling me I could come in and compete just like anywhere else. Also, Ohio State is telling me they turn out great defensive backs to the NFL and have a great tradition.

SS: Congratulations on being selected to the Army All-American Bowl.

DW: Thank you. I'm real happy about that and can't wait for the game--I'm blessed.

SS: Tell us what it's been like running the ball and catching passes this year.

DW: Running the ball allows me to see some things that helps me on defense. I'm seeing from an offensive perspective how they see me. I'm just loving the contact. I think I've helped my team on both sides of the ball. We're (Poly) a better team on the defensive side of the ball and with me at running back, it's helped us get more production on offense. If I played receiver, I feel I could be an all-American at that position if that's where I worked out full-time.

SS: You're one of the top cornerbacks in the country, but you could possibly be more valuable for Poly on offense than defense this year.

DW: Exactly, exactly. We have some great football players on the defensive side of the ball and we have some young guys who could really step in and handle duties on that side of the ball. I consider myself a defensive player, but I'm just doing what I can offensively to help my team out.

SS: Does playing on offense affect, at least a little bit, your performance on defense?

DW: It was something I had to get used to at the beginning of the season. There were some teams that might of thought I was a little tired after playing on offense, but after the first two games my conditioning has been much better, and it's not a problem. I'm stronger out on the field and balanced with my production on both sides of the ball.

SS: Who are some of the younger Poly guys we should be looking at for next year?

DW: Man, next year there will be a ton of talent. We have a leader who should be a junior all-American who's our d-lineman, Jurrell Casey (6-1, 245)--he's big-time. We have a running back named Ricky Johnson (5-10, 190--52 carries/455 yards/4 TD's) who's real good and we have a wide receiver Randall Cox who's real good. There's a few o-linemen who are also juniors and some good defensive backs--Vaughn Telemaque (6-2, 170), Jeffery Johnson (5-10, 163) and Jamaal Grimes. So, we have a nice team and they should be real solid next year.

SS: So, the Poly tradition continues?

DW: Yes, sir.

SS: I've watched a couple of your games and Kenny Rowe has been dominant this year.

DW: I don't think anybody in our league can block him. He's been dominating and getting sacks and he makes my job a lot easier. Our entire defensive line makes the defensive back's jobs a lot easier. Kenny, that's a great ball-player, there.

SS: Are you looking at the Army All-American Bowl as an opportunity to announce your commitment?

DW: I've been asked that question a lot, but I don't think I'm going to announce at the Army Game. I think I'll wait until signing-day.

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