Pete's Arboblog - Weekly thoughts

I got to appear again with mark and Brian on KLOS. Both are big CFB fans, Brian a huge Trojan, Mark an Auburn guy. I have invited Brian to go with us on the road and spot for the TRN when our regular guy Burt is not available but he has not bitten yet.

Wednesday, November 22nd

Perhaps it's that it pays about $100 and he has to get his own air trip and hotel. Hell, he's got the money. I also invited Jimmy Buffet, but have not heard back from him.

Anyway, I always have a good time talking to the boys about what's what around CFB and SC, and they ask very timely and pertinent questions, and we have a rollicking good time in the coveted nine o'clock hour when only deadbeats like me are listening, cuz everyone else is at work!

I ran into the PD at KSPN yesterday at HH, and begged and pleaded some more for a full time gig. He said he'd "be in touch". I hope so. I feel incomplete without a team to play for all year.

Unlike some, I actually looked forward to going to work every day at the old shop, and really, virtually at every station at which I have worked. Maybe not so much the early morning shift, but otherwise it's been a great career through about 2/3 of it (as I have said I plan to retire after the first game of the 2030 season!)

I still feel like hell warmed over, this is one tough head cold. The sore throat part is gone, now my head feels like a Macy's parade float. Back muscle pain too. General lethargy. But I slept pretty well last night, and I feel better today than yesterday, and what more can we really ask.

The Marshall High basketball Hall of Fame induction went off without a hitch, it was great to see Loren Bracci, Chito Reyes and the 85-86 LA City champs there. We (the old guys) played and defeated the JV's, keeping intact a perfect record in such tilts, and the varsity beat the newer, more recent alums. The team has a really good kid who came in from Frisco. I didn't play, due to illness, but coached some. My son KC played in the opener, fulfilling a life long dream of him playing a high school game there in my old gym. Big time Trojan Dan Longo (Marshall 74) played and made a decent accounting of himself, but most importantly enjoyed himself.

Tonight it's high school football at 7 at Huntington Park.

Baking and buying pies all day to hand out on the Venice boardwalk tomorrow starting at ten a.m. to all-comers. Working on finishing touches of the ND spotter board today.

Watching some college hoops while I do. Trying to get well for game time. Fight On!

Tuesday, November 21st

I was really sick all day today, almost so much so I could barely do any prep work for Saturday, but I rallied at day's end and got some in, plus watched the ND-Army and ND-UCLA game tapes. Can't miss the PC lunch, so see you at practice, although I have to run early to MC the Marshall Alum Basketball games and the Hall of Fame Inductions therein tomrrow night.

Here's something I want you all to know about:

Jenny and I plan to bake pies and buy pies and hand them out on the Venice Boardwalk to all-comers, (homeless, tourists, visitors, passers-by and pie lovers) on Thanksgiving morning beginning at 10 am, until the pies run out.

We do not seek ANY publicity out of this, only good will towards our fellow people . We would love it if you would like to join us and help in any way, including:

Making and buying and bringing more pies, paper plates, plastic forks, cans of whipped cream or napkins, maybe beverages.

If you don't want to come down personally and enjoy an hour or more with us and everyone else, but would still like to help, if you can figure out a way to get pies to us by Wednesday night, or delivered directly to the locations listed below, have at it, by all means!

From our family to yours, have a wonderful holiday season, and we hope you can join us.

we live at

Peter Arbogast/Jennifer Swan
22 19th ave #4
Venice Ca 90291

we will be handing out the pies at the paddle tennis courts bleachers at the boardwalk and the intersection of 19th ave. so i guess the address there is: 0 (zero) 19th ave.

we're not selling them, we are giving them away, no money will be changing hands. We've never done this before, so as a first time thing, we are pretty excited but nervous about how it will be received.

Thanks in advance for those who help out, and for those who even think a good thought for everyone around them on Thanksgiving and on all other days. Top Stories