Pete's Arboblog - Thanksgiving update

Hey Hey! The Barristers won and are back in the city semi finals! Add to that, we gave away 32 pies along the Venice Boardwalk this morning, what a great start to the Thanksgiving weekend.

Marshall blew away 3rd seeded, Eastern League champ Huntington Park, their 5th straight playoff win at the other team's home field. It was 35-24, but it wasn't that close. Soph RB Mike Calloway ran for over 2 bills and QB Steven Richart threw ell, and the defense played great again. Now it's a rematch of last year's championship tilt with Eagle Rock on their home field next Friday. Wow!

Several great people gave us pies and money for pies, a huge donation from my good friend Gary Somes from Smart and Final. We handed out pieces of pie for about two hours this morning. It is interesting the huge cross section of people we gave pieces to…homeless, who kept coming back for more and were welcome to it, tourists, foreign visitors, locals, just about every9one. Some wanted to pay. No way. Some wouldn't eat cuz of the meal later in the day. Some were questioning us as to why anyone would give anything away for free. Others just got it, and said thanks.

So from me to those of you who helped out or gave a good thought: thanks.

A little football today, too much food, trying to get healthy for Saturday.

I thought if that for which I am thankful today before I hopped out of bed, and came up with this: I am blessed to be doing what I love to do, and to have it be able to serve others at least by being informative and entertaining to you so that one of the great joys in your (and my) life can come out and be so much more fun.

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