Toliver discusses USC visit

Terrance Tolver said in the past that he was thinking about unofficially visiting USC last summer, but it never worked out. Ken Norton Jr. also had plans to visit Toliver's school during the summer and that never panned out because Toliver was out of town at a track meet. So, he finally had an opportunity to visit USC and see Los Angeles and the visit met his expectations.

"I had a lot of fun hanging out with the players, talking to Coach Carroll and the other coaches," Toliver said. "It was pretty neat.

"I was able to meet the players, see how they're alumni is--they have a great alumni there," Toliver said. "Just meeting the players and coaches, seeing the campus and seeing a game was what I expected to do."

USC's pro-style offense and the environment at the Coliseum also met his expectations.

"I really like the USC offense," Toliver said. "They throw the ball a lot and get the ball to the receivers, and running backs. They run a pro-style offense and I really like that."

He offered one word to describe the crowd at the Colisem, "It was crunk-- fan wise."

Emmanuel Moody, a fellow Texan was Toliver's host and the injured Trojan running back discussed why he chose USC over Florida.

"He just told me he had a choice between two schools and the environment around USC, the football team and media coverage got him to USC. He said USC is where it's at."

After the game Toliver left with Steve Smith and went back to his apartment.

"He was also telling me USC was where it's at" Toliver said. "I mean, he really loves USC and was saying they did a lot for him. A lot of fans came up to him and got his autograph."

There were five other recruits officially visiting from out of state and Toliver said one of them was doing some recruiting for the Trojans.

"I talked to all of them," Toliver said. "Everson Griffen, Martez Wilson, Marvin Austin and James Wilson." Toliver was asked if Griffen was recruiting for USC. "Yeah, he hasn't officially committed, but he loves USC. I love Los Angeles, myself. We went sightseeing on a tour bus and saw a little bit of everything after the game. We didn't do too much."

Toliver had thought about visiting USC off and on for months. Finally, it came down to Ken Norton Jr. being relentless in his efforts and Toliver being curious what USC offered as a school, and football program.

"I just wanted to take my visit and see USC and I really enjoyed myself," Toliver said. "They're (USC) in the picture, now."

What stood out on his vsit?

"How much the coaches are loved and how crazy they are in the locker room," Toliver said. "They have fun at every meeting and it really amazed me."

Although the visit went extremely well, Toliver didn't rate it a 10.

"I would say an eight," Toliver said. "It could have been better if I'd have had more time. So, I would say I'd rate it about an eight."

Toliver recently said he was going to announce which school he was committing to a the Army All-America Bowl, but his plans have changed.

"I was going to announce at the Army Game, but my plans have changed," Toliver said. "I don't know now. I've thought about it and I don't want to announce at the game now. I just want to be able to look over everything"

Next up for Toliver is an official visit to LSU Dec. 1. Top Stories