Q&A with Marc Tyler

Trojan verbal commit Marc Tyler from Oaks Christian recently suffered a season-ending leg injury which will also cause him to miss the upcoming Army All-American game. Brian Matthews from WeAreSC caught up with Marc to get an update on his rehab schedule and to hear his thoughts on the loss at UCLA.

BM: What was the final diagnosis on your injury?

MT: The final results of the injury I broke my fibula and tibia.

BM: Did you know right away that your season was over?

MT: Yeah, I knew I was done as soon as it happened. I heard the breaks, and it was just a really nasty injury.

BM: How hard has it been watching your team go out there every week without you?

MT: It was horrible knowing I was done with my senior season. It's tough having to go out like I did, and not being able to play with my teammates in the playoffs.

BM: How was the surgery, are doctors optimistic about your recovery?

MT: It was an SC alum doing the surgery and he did a great job. They put a metal rod in there, which they say usually stays in until the end of your career.

BM: What do the doctors say in terms of the recovery process?

MT: The recovery time is usually three to five months. I usually heal pretty fast, so we'll see. I can start therapy in two months, even though I am already doing some.

BM: Do you expect to make a full recovery from the injury?

MT: Yes, the doctors are really confident in a full recovery. The same type of injury happened to Justin Fargas when he was at Michigan.

BM: What are your thoughts on the most recent USC game versus UCLA?

MT: That game (USC vs. UCLA) was pretty ugly. They outplayed us, but we all know who the better team is.

BM: Does the most recent loss have any affect on your commitment to USC?

MT: No, the loss does not affect my commitment at all. I'm a Trojan for life.

BM: What did you think about the USC running attack against UCLA?

MT: The rushing game against UCLA had a big affect on the outcome. We need a big back that can run through the tackles and catch the ball out of the backfield, and that's what I bring to the game.

BM: Even though the injury will keep you out of the Army All-American Game, do you still plan on attending the event?

MT: Yes, I'm going to the Army game still, but I won't make it out there until the 4th of January. Since I can't play in the game, I plan on recruiting the best guys the coaches tell me to recruit. Guys like Marvin Austin, Everson Griffen, Donovan Warren, etc.

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