Galippo recaps USC recruiting visit

One player who is very familiar with the USC program is current commitment and five-star linebacker Chris Galippo. Galippo has been to USC unofficially countless times, but this weekend gave a chance for's number one rated linebacker to officially visit SC.

Galippo was part of a huge recruiting weekend for the Trojans, seeing many top prospects set foot in Southern Cal.

"It was awesome," Galippo commented about his time at USC. "We had a ton of guys down there, a lot of big time recruits. I think we had four or five top-ten guys down there. It really was a great weekend, and the coaching staff was a blast. I got to hang out with Brian Cushing, who was my host, and he is a totally awesome guy that I want to model myself after."

Although the weather was far from ideal for "sunny" Southern California, Galippo and the other recruits in attendance had a blast on his trip. Galippo also had a chance to learn about life outside of athletics at SC, which impressed him greatly.

"Definitely," Galippo answered when asked if he learned anything new over the weekend. "As far as academics go, I got to see a lot of things I didn't have a chance to before. I got to check out the communications school (Annenberg), and it was a great program. A lot of people on the staff were helping me out and giving me good advice on selecting a major that would not interfere with football, which is huge. I was real excited to see the academic side of SC, and the new dorms they just built."

Galippo also had a chance to see the life of a student-athlete at USC, which is something he had never been able to see before.

"Something that I haven't been able to take in was the type of celebrity status you get as a football player at SC. There is no NFL team, so they are kings there. You are right in the heart of LA and you have great support, and that draws a lot of guys down there. It was something I didn't have a chance to see."

There is no question that Galippo's weekend was full of memorable moments, but Saturday may have been what stood out most to the five-star linebacker.

"We went to Staples Center for a little and had dinner on Saturday in Hermosa Beach, and that was incredible. Saturday night was definitely the highlight of the weekend, and we had some really good moments there. We all talked about how we felt about SC, and it was just a lot of fun."

Not only did Galippo get a chance to check out aspects outside of football, but the recruits in attendance were also treated with a scrimmage in the pouring rain.

"It was really intense," said Galippo of the scrimmage. "It was pouring rain Saturday, and they were out there playing hard. It was a lot of fun to watch."

Galippo really hit it off well with the visitors on hand, especially one who he had not spoken with prior to the trip.

"Me and Chad Jones got a chance to hang out a lot," said Galippo. "His host was Thomas Williams and Brian Cushing was mine, so that was cool. He really seemed to be enjoying himself, and we had a great weekend."

The weekend really gave Galippo a chance to see everything he could take in, and up next for the talented linebacker is the Army All-American Game.

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