Pete's Arboblog

Sorry to write so little lately, but being a quiet time, there's not much to report. Practices have re-started, but I won't start attending until this week.

We did all attend the USC Tribute to Troy football banquet at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Century Plaza this week. Jenny and I sat with Paul and Allison and Michael McDonald and his GF Lauren among other people. All the boys and their dates dressed to impress. Sean Kennelly bought us a drink, thanks big guy!

The most touching moment of the night was the longest and loudest standing ovation for Desmond Reed. Very cool.

Everyone got introduced at least once, including Paul and me. Usually this doesn't happen at these events, but I guess we got on the "list". It is really nice to be recognized by PC when he goes through he list of people important to the team. It does, in fact, make us FEEL important.

Steve Smith MVP, Ryan Kalil seemed to clean up. I will miss the seniors, and hope they all make us proud in the world. They usually do. It goes by so fast.

Driving home I began to have the feeling that I am sure long time announcers like Vinny or Chick or Bob Miller must have had at one time or another: a connection to so many players from so many teams spanning a long period of time.

Personally (not counting my time on the campus station) I have called games for guys who played in 1985 through guys who will play in 2010. And that's just so far! There's a sense of history in having done that, not to mention having attended and witnessed games from the early 60's through present day just like many of you guys.

Jeez, think of Vinny who has seen ‘em come and go through three stadiums, two cities and 60 years. He outlasted ownership changes and the managerial tenures of BOTH Alston and Lasorda, neither of which were short.

The same could be said of Chick, and Bob Miller, my good friend, keeps rolling right along.

IN my estimation, and I know many of you agree, they are the Most Valuable Players for their teams for all time. They are the one element that we can all count on year after year, game after game. They have seen the passage of time and related it to us and it has been documented by them first-hand. Ross Porter became like that. Ton Kelly was like that for me and so many of us who follow SC. Bob Kelly and Dick Enberg with the Rams, Ralph Lawler with the Clips, Mike Walden for awhile there with SC, Fred Hessler, Chris Roberts with UCLA. When I think of the Angels, they have changed it around quite often through the years, Enberg and Starr come to mind, but I think Rory Markas is making that kind of name for himself in Orange County.

Point is, I got the feel the other night, melancholy as it might be, of watching time pass in terms of watching another group of guys come and go. Teachers and parents get this a lot, coaches, too.

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