Everson Griffen Commits To USC

Everson Griffen's mother, Sabrina Scott, called WeAreSC.com Monday night to notify us when Griffen would announce his commitment. She told us it would be around noon Phoenix time and wasn't sure of the location.

Scott mentioned she had to go out and buy a cap, so Griffen would have one to put on after he made his announcement. We asked, "Everson doesn't have a USC hat, yet?" She replied with laughter, "No, but I'm going to buy one tonight."

Earlier today, Griffen had the opportunity to sport the USC cap Scott purchased after he announced he's a Trojan. And Scott couldn't be happier with her son's decision.

"I'm real happy and excited," Scott said. "I went to USC with Everson for his official visit. I loved it, it was great. It's a wonderful place for him."

She was asked what it was, in her opinion, that made USC the school for Griffen.

"I think he fit in with the coaches and kids," Scott said. "People were telling us it's a ghetto area, but it's not at all like a ghetto. They were telling me as soon as you walk out the gate, it's ghetto. It's a lovely campus and I loved it. They showed me the school, they showed us the brand new building where the kids will be staying--and it's really nice. As far as Everson going to school there, I think it's a great school and I really liked it myself."

After USC's Rising Seniors Camp, was there ever any doubt Griffen would end up at USC?

"No," Scott said . "When he was there (USC Rising Senior Camp), he called me and said, ‘Momma, you can't tell anybody, but I committed. I want to keep it silent and see some other schools.' From day one, USC was the school he wanted to attend. Before he was even good in football and everyone knew who he was, he wanted to go to USC. He's always said he wanted to go to USC. He never dreamed he would be where he is now, but he's always dreamed about going to USC.

"What amazed me, was everyone in Arizona we talked to said he was going to USC even though he never said he was. They'd ask me where Everson was going to school and I would say, ‘I don't know.' Then they'd say, ‘He's going to USC, Everson is going to USC.' And he had never told anybody where he was going."

Pete Carroll traveled to Avondale in early September to catch an Agua Fria football game. Although Scott didn't have an opportunity to speak with USC's head football coach, she did enjoy watching Carroll's half-time performance.

"He told me he couldn't talk to me, but he shook my hand," Scott said. "He was out there throwing the ball around with the kids at half-time. Is he always like that? What's funny is, all the kids were saying, ‘There's Pete Carroll,' And I was thinking, yeah right. Everyone was tripping out because Pete Carroll was in Avondale (laughing)."

Scott traveled to USC with Griffen for his official visit Nov. 24-26 and finally had the opportunity to speak with Carroll.

"One thing about Pete Carroll, he talks to everyone," Scott said. "Everson was telling me after he visited some others schools, that he really never got to see the head coach more than two or three times. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with Pete Carroll. We saw him the entire time we were at USC. Everywhere we went, Pete Carroll was with us. All the coaches and even the kids are real cool. They were all calling me mom. It was real cool--I liked it."

"I was telling people I had an in-home visit and they'd all say, "Pete Carroll was visiting in your house? Oh my god.' I guess Pete Carroll's the man, huh?"

Observing Griffen at USC's Rising Seniors Camp in June, it was obvious he exudes leadership qualities and should be a team captain at some point during his Trojan career.

"That's what everyone likes about him," Scott said. "Even though he has all the scholarship offers, it hasn't gone to his head. He's still the same Everson, a big boy and big baby at the same time. He just loves everybody and he'll tell you, ‘I love you.' When Coach Carroll was here (in-home visit), he said, ‘I love you coach.' That's just the type of person he is. His high school coach would walk by and Everson would say, ‘Coach Epley, ‘I love you.' Coach Epley would say, ‘Okay, Everson, I love you, too,' and walk away shaking his head laughing. Everyone says that will carry him a long way, though."

Normally, at some point of the recruiting process, a family with an elite and high profile son, tire of the never-ending phone calls from coaches and the media poking and prodding. But Scott didn't mind one aspect of Griffen's recruiting process.

"You know what, Everson laughs at me and says, ‘You love it,'' Scott said. "It doesn't bother me at all. I just go with the flow and I talk with everybody."

With the recruiting process over, Scott is looking forward to USC's 2007 season and an opportunity to witness her son living out his dream.

"I'm going to be at every game next year," Scott said. "I'll be at all the home and away games. Wherever he (Everson) goes, I'll go. It doesn't matter if its Notre Dame, Nebraska or Cal, I'll be there."

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