Pete's Arboblog

Just a quickie today. Tough break yesterday, literally and figuratively, when T Thomas went out on a cart from practice with a bad recurrence of his shoulder-popping thing.

Thursday, December 21st

Today, I thought the guys were the ones making the noise. There was a very spirited competition by the first team D to stop the running game. Let's of chest thumping and posturing and screaming. And it seemed animated from the get-go and all the way through practice. Things are heating up.

T Thomas says he's gonna play, so let's take him at his word. Zeke looked better, but Wright IS the best of the back ups after Ke-Tho. He stuck with every guy he was assigned to like glue.

Beeler (NOT Byooler) kicked a 52-yard field goal.

I spent hours in the SAAS below Heritage working on Michigan spotter board, and am now maybe 40% ready for the RB game.

The women's game was a drag. Stanford played without the back-to-back Pac Ten player of the year Candace Wiggins, and we still got creamed by 16. Jaime Hagiya can't play the point for more than 20 minutes. She runs out of gas, and turns the ball over under good intense man pressure. There is no reasonable back-up plan, other than the obvious: keep Murphy or someone else close to Jamie when she enters the attacking zone so she is not left on an island by herself.

The Trojan offense seems to start with the point guard way out on top and no one really all that near her.

No one seems to be able to score except Shay Murphy. Chloe Kerr is pretty good inside, but Stanford has some huge animals underneath, and that threw Kerr off her game. Tough year for coach Trakh, without Lenior and Gemelos and Funn and Cameron. Next year, despite the loss of Murph, ought to be good.

Still, I am very happy, what with my work situation being what it is, to be able to call a ten game set of women's games this year. I need the cash. I have been calling them since I got back, and know the girls and the coaches well. Having coached girls AAU basketball for years, I have developed a true appreciation for the women's game that many do not seem to have.

And having an off night against Stanford is no disgrace. It happens to most teams.

Back to practice Thursday, another women's game Friday afternoon, off to see the Hasting's Ranch Christmas lights Friday night, plus the Balian House. Finishing shopping tomorrow, and wrapping, too, I hope.

Wednesday, December 20th

The way it looked to me, despite his hopes, I can't imagine him (Terrell Thomas) playing on New Year's Day. I watched Zeke McCurtis closely to see if he has what it takes to take over. I was under whelmed, and thought Shareece Wright looked better. But that's just one day, and Zeke has been the primary nickel back, but he was really laying off his receivers.

Hell, I never played the game, so what do I know.

Other than that, practice was run-of-the-mill, with coaches making most of the noise trying to get things going.

The basketball game against Longwood College of Virginia made it look like the old days when Raveling was doing the scheduling. He learned it from John Thompson. Sure we go 11-2 in the pre-season, but then the league comes along. Let's hope we can hang in there. It'll be nice to get Pruitt back.

PC was there, and got swarmed for autographs, they put him on the big screen, and everyone cheered.

Funniest moment of the night was when the two kids have to race down the floor and put on an oversized basketball uniform and race back and make a layup?

One of the kids put the shorts on over his head, and was completely confused. Petros on the PA was really funny and it was a riot. The generally stoic Mike Garrett was in full laugh.

Tonight the women open against perennial league champ Stanford at Galen. I call the game at 7 on 11-10 AM. Be there or tune in or you'll be forced to watch BYU and Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl. Hey, wasn't that long ago we were in that classic!!

On the way to practice. Then putting together the RB spotting board for Michagain. Top Stories