Broderick Green update

USC commitment Broderick Green recently took an official visit to USC, making his first return to the Southern California campus since his commitment in the summer. I recently caught up with Broderick to get his thoughts on his trip and his commitment.

BM: So how was your visit to USC?

BG: "It was good, everything really stood out to me. I saw a lot of stuff and got to meet a lot of guys I didn't get to talk with the first time around. I got a feel for everything, including the practice. It was crazy."

BM: Who was your host?

BG: "I had a few hosts while I was there. Patrick Turner, Allen Bradford, and Vincent Joseph, it was a lot of fun hanging out with those guys. They all showed me around, and there weren't a lot of people there but we still had fun. I was asking them what it was like to be on the team and what the coaches were like. They all really seemed to love the school and playing football there, and they were real welcoming."

BM: What stood out to you about the way USC practices?

BG: "Their energy. It was real crazy, and everybody was pumped. Everybody from the coaching staff to the players were getting pumped up, and it wasn't dead at all. Even the meetings before the scrimmage were real crazy, and they were all screaming."

BM: Was there one part of the trip that really stood out to you?

BG: "Not really, I honestly enjoyed the whole trip, nothing in particular."

BM: What were some of the recruits that you spoke with the most?

BG: "I talked to Jordan Campbell a lot, and I also talked to Emmanuel Moody quite a bit."

BM: Did you get to see or experience anything new on this trip that you did not get to back in the summer?

BG: "Not really, I saw a whole lot back in the summer. The only difference this time around was that my parents got to see it instead of hearing it from me."

BM: Were there any negatives about your trip to USC?

BG: "Not really, but I do wish there would have been people there."

BM: What would you rate your trip on a scale of 1 to 10?

BG: "I would say a 9.5, but if there was more going on I would have said a ten. I think I am going to try to make it out for another unofficial visit."

BM: Did this trip solidify your commitment to SC?

BG: "Definitely, I had a real good time out there. I'm not sure if I am going to take any other trips, but I may just to see them again."

BM: Congratulations on being named to the Army All-American Game, what are you looking to accomplish during your time in San Antonio?

BG: "I just really want to have a good time and show everybody that I can play."

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