USC recruits talk Rose Bowl

There is no question that the future of USC is well represented here in San Antonio, and I had a chance to catch up with all of the USC recruits in attendance to get their thoughts on the recent Rose Bowl victory over Michigan.

Chris Galippo

"I caught some of it. We were in meetings, but I was getting text messages with the scores and updates. Once I found out it was 32-11, I was pumped. First half, as far the defense goes, that's one of the best defensive performances I've seen. I expected that, especially after how well the defense has been playing. They were all over the place, getting sacks from the cornerbacks to the linebackers to the d-line. I really didn't expect it to be that much of a blowout though."

Everson Griffen

"I loved the defense, and they were just dominant. They had five sacks in the first half, and how does that make a defensive lineman feel? It makes me real happy. They have a fast defense, corners were making sacks, linebackers were making sacks, and so were the linemen. I'm just ready to get there (USC) in the summer and get working."

James Wilson

"We had meetings, but I got to see the tail end of it. If we would've played like that against UCLA, we would be in the National Championship. I knew Michigan was good, but I knew if they played like they could, they'd be fine."

Marshall Jones

"It surprised me a little, but they went out there and just balled. I wasn't sure what to expect after last game, and I knew Michigan was good but SC came out there and turned it on."

Kristofer O'Dowd

"I caught bits and pieces of it, because we were in meetings. I was thinking this is what SC should be playing like. I knew we were going to kill them, especially after a tough loss that kicked us out of the National Championship."

Donovan Warren

"I heard SC receivers were dominating the Michigan defensive backs. I expected USC to come out and throw the ball and take advantage of Michigan's aggressive defense. They handled that in the second half."

Deonte Thompson

"I really liked the game; my man Dwayne Jarrett was out there doing his thing. I really like everything about USC, I mean its USC. I really like their offense."

Joe McKnight

"I thought it was a very good game. I really liked how they put the ball in the playmakers hands. Dwayne Jarrett had 11 catches for 205 yards, and that was very impressive. That offensive performance is something I look at, and I knew they were going to go out there and play well."

Marvin Austin

"I heard about the game, I heard USC kicked him, that they got after them. I thought Michigan was going to put a blanket on the USC offense, but that goes to show you again the great coaches on SC. Coach Carroll is an offensive guru; you might as well call him that, since he put the game on the best defense in the country. I already knew Coach Carroll and those guys would do, so it's not surprising to me.

When asked whether or not the USC recruits have been in his ear this week.

"Oh yeah, most definitely they've been trying to get me to come to SC. My man Galippo and my man block head (Everson Griffen) are talking to me about USC. Everson keeps telling me that if I go to SC with him we'll be the best defensive line ever, and we'll win fifteen national championships while we're there, even though that's not possible, ha-ha."

When asked whether distance would play a factor in his decision.

"Basically I'm shopping around. I'm trying to find the best product for me in simple terms. If USC happens to be the best fit, then West Coast here I come."

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