WeAreSC staff talk USC recruits at Army Bowl

WeAreSC staffers Garry Paskwietz, Scott Schrader and Brian Matthews discuss the Trojan prospects who have taken part this week in the annual Army Bowl practices.

GP: OK, let's go through each Trojan commit and give your thoughts. Chris Galippo.

SS: He's really looked good. Great instincts to the ball. Not great speed but similar instincts and quickness to Lofa Tatupu on the field.

BM: The head coach of the West team said he was the best player on the West. Wherever the play is, that's where you will find Galippo. He does play with a lot of instinct.

GP: I think he's just one of those guys that really stands out. He's a leader on and off the field, the kind of guy who can become the face of the program. Next up, Everson Griffin.

SS: He's been unstoppable off the edge. It's gonna be fun in the game to see how the East offensive line handles him.

BM: He can do it all. He can bull rush, he uses his hands well, he's incredibly quick and has a non-stop motor. The great thing is that he's raw too, if this is raw then I can't wait to see him in a few years.

GP: You can't help but be drawn to Everson on the field, he has that dynamic presence. He was such a hard worker during the drills and nobody could stop him. They don't hand out nicknames like "The Freak" everyday and Everson certainly earns it. OK, let's talk Marshall Jones.

SS: On the first day of practice Marshall didn't look like he had a lot of confidence. Since then, however, he's become one of the top DB's on either team. Great footwork and change of direction.

BM: Yeah, I guess he had one big hit on Niles Paul and from that point on he has been on fire.

GP: I think Marshall is one of those silent assassin types. You may not notice him at first but then, wham, he comes up with that big hit. It also tells you what kind of an athlete he is that the West team had him working out at running back this week as well. Next up, Kris O'Dowd.

BM: You can tell he's a smart player. He's starting on the o-line this week at a new position and he's doing well. He's also showing his personality this week.

SS: His personality definitely comes out the more you get to know him. This is who he really is. He's also picked up things real quick and took to the blocking schemes right away.

GP: When Randy Taylor tells me he is impressed with O'Dowd's play at a new position, I put a lot of stock in that. The way he handles himself, both on and off the field, really does remind me of Ryan Kalil. Both of them played other positions besides center in high school but, like Kalil, Kris should be a rock at the spot in college. Next up, James Wilson.

SS: There's not a whole lot to say, he's being played out of position (left tackle instead of his normal guard spot) but he's really taking it well.

BM: We haven't seen him a lot because he was hurt part of the time with a shoulder but the fact that he will play is impressive because a lot of people thought he wouldn't be able to make it early in the week.

GP: It's definitely been a bummer for James to be hurt during bowl practices but I can't wait to see him in action tomorrow. This guy is an absolute road grader. OK, let's talk Broderick Green.

SS: He was a late addition to the team and isn't getting a lot of reps. He's been blocking well and in the few runs I saw he showed tremendous power and toughness.

BM: On one play at fullback I saw him carry a guy six yards. He's all solid, all of 230 pounds. He's got a great build.

GP: It's unfortunate for Broderick in this game because the coaches for the East team will primarily showcase an offense around speed runners Chris Rainey and Noel Devine (although it's hard to argue with that after watching Devine in practice). Broderick is one of those power runners who can carry it 25-30 times a game and only gets better as the game goes along. What a horse he is, very thick legs and calves. Next we want to talk about the uncommitted players who are still looking at USC, let's start with Donovan Warren.

BM: Nobody has turned his hips. He is a natural cover corner, sometimes you see guys who are great athletes that happen to play corner but he has the instincts for the position. He's playing with a lot of confidence.

SS: Yeah, he has that confidence and swagger. Donovan is really enjoying the entire experience, playing in this game was a goal of his since last year and he's really enjoying the experience.

GP: I think his stock may have risen as much as any player on the West team after the practices this week. I think everyone knew he was good but he's proven that he is capable of being an elite player. His battles with Terrance Toliver have been fun to watch. Let's talk Joe McKnight.

BM: The first thing you notice about Joe is that he's built very well. Galippo mentioned it too when I was talking to him, Joe is not a skinny guy. Tremendous change of direction ability.

SS: He's very business-like and focused. He plays the game and let's his play do the talking. It's been great to see Joe hanging out a lot with the SC guys toward the end of the week.

GP: I agree with that statement. His maturity is one of the things that has stood out to me since we saw him at the SC summer camp last year. He's one of the few game-breaking type of players here and hopefully we will see him get a chance to show those skills during the game. He's also one of those few guys who commands a lot of respect from other players and coaches, they all speak very highly of him. Next up, big Marvin Austin.

BM: He has a great personality and he can move on the field. It was a sight to see him coming down on kickoff coverage.

SS: Marvin is definitely going to win the biggest personality award from the week, I don't know what the call the award but he will win it.

GP: He reminds me of former Trojan Darrell Russell. Just a big guy who always walks around with a smile on his face and who just happens to move incredibly well for a man his size. Last guy, Deonte Thompson.

BM: I don't know about Deonte. He's got some good skills but you don't know if he can be a complete receiver.

SS: You never know about a guy like that...

BM: Stranger things have happened, he has the speed, speed, speed and he is very smooth, it's not just track speed.

SS: I think he's more of a kickoff returner or punt returner than anything.

GP: You can understand why it would be tempting for a coach to recruit him with that speed, not too many players have it. OK, the next thing we want to do is talk about the biggest miss by the Trojans. Of all the players USC recruited in the game, but didn't get, who is the biggest miss in your opinion?

BM: I like Martez Wilson. He is fast, getting Griffen makes it not that much of a loss but he is definitely good.

SS: Torrey Davis. I don't know how much of a shot we ever had but he's a good one.

GP: I'll go with Terrance Toliver. He's been a pretty impressive receiver. I don't know if he's as good as the junior receiver we saw today though, Gerrell Robinson from Arizona.

SS: I agree.

BM: No doubt about that, Robinson is terrific. I would also say that the biggest miss will be Marvin Austin, if we don't get him.

SS: Eric Berry is pretty good too.

GP: Let's get some projections of where the remaining guys on the USC wish list will commit. Joe McKnight, I say he ends up a Trojan.

BM: I agree.

SS: Me too.

GP: Marvin Austin, I don't know, I genuinely don't have a sense either way of how this is going to end up.

BM: Me either, I could see Florida State but you never know what could happen.

SS: I'm undecided too. A good visit by Pete Carroll could go a long way.

GP: Deonte Thompson, I think he ends up at Miami.

BM: So do I.

SS: Yeah, Miami.

GP: Donovan Warren, Trojan.


SS: Yep, I'm going with USC for Donovan as well.

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