Joe McKnight discusses USC visit

Joe McKnight of John Curtis High in River Ridge, LA, was in Houston when we caught up with him. He was waiting for his flight home to New Orleans after officially visiting USC.

McKnight,'s No. 1 ranked running back, attended USC's Skill position last June while he was in Los Angeles visiting his girlfriend. Ever since that visit, the Trojans have been on of his favorites along with LSU. He visited Ole Miss last week and had a great time, so what was the visit at USC like?

"It was good," McKnight said. "It was cool being with some of the guys I was with at the Army All-American Bowl. And I got to see some of the guys on the team I met at the camp (USC Skills Position) in June, like Patrick Turner, Cush (Brian Cushing) and Lawrence Jackson."

Those offially and unofficially visiting attended the USC/Arizona State basketball game on Saturday. McKnight spent considerable time at USC during his two-week visit to Los Angeles in June, so he wasn't anticipating learning anything new. The trip was like a vacation and another opportunity to spend time with fellow recruits, the coaches and current USC players.

"I already knew everything I had to," McKnight said. "When I went to their camp, they showed me the things they do, how they do it. They were just saying the same thing all over again. They were talking about how they'd use me on the field and that's just about all we talked about. They're plans are to use me at running back and in the slot—like they used Reggie (Bush).

"I just wanted to come out for another visit and see how it was—it was fun."

Reggie Bush is a player McKnight looks up to and enjoys watching, but he had this to say about any comparisons, "I'm not as good as Reggie Bush."

In San Antonio, during the Army All-American media-day, McKnight told us he had already chosen the school he would attend. We asked him what were the reasons for him choosing the school he'll enroll at in the fall, and McKnight said, "The head coach, the coach recruiting me is like a father to me and the running backs coach."

The reasons McKnight offered for choosing the school he'll commit to, could appear as if he's chosen just about any school he's expressed interest in. However, because he hadn't visited any other schools at that point, it would lead most obective observers of recruiting, that he will choose either USC or LSU.

McKnight has talked about visiting Alabama after his Jan. 26-26 official visit to LSU, but he said this when we asked about his plans after his trip to Baton Rouge, "I don't know."

On Thursday (Jan. 18), Chris Galippo informed us that he was picking up Everson Griffen at the airport and they would then head to USC to help with the effort to close McKnight, Malcolm Smith and Anthony Gildon. Those plans changed when USC commit, Jordan Campbell, called Galippo and said he'd like to be a part of the effort, too. On Friday, Galippo drove to the Campbell's home in Corona and visited with the Campbell's for about 15 minutes, before departing for USC. Campbell's mother, Colleen, commented, "Our house just got real small."

McKnight was asked if he was surprised by the three unofficial visitors.

"I talked to them during the week and they were telling me they would be up there (USC)," McKnight said. "They were driving back-and-forth from Chris Galippo's house, and were there (USC) on Friday and Saturday."

McKnight will visit LSU on Jan. 26 and said he probably won't announce his commitment until Feb. 7. Top Stories