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It was a great sports Sunday, of course, watching the NFL playoffs. Unless I am actually involved in the NFL, I don't really watch much during the college season because of my job preparing for our games.

How do you do everyone?

Last Thursday I spent the evening watching the men's basketball team beat an Arizona team that is not certainly nearly as good as some of their recent editions, and IMHO has zero chance to win the Pac-10 this year. Precious little depth, Lute has a decent starting five, but lack the bulk that the teams had that played well nationally. That being said, they are regarded among the elite teams in the nation again, and have scored some impressive victories, leading me to believe the Pac-10 is, in fact, one of the nation's deepest and most talented conferences.

The student section rushed the court after the game, but it did not have the feel of a game that was a huge upset, or even an upset of any kind, and the oddsmakers said the same thing: it was a pick'em game at tip off. I live for the day when someone rushes the floor when they beat US…..then you know we've arrived.

Saturday, I went waaaaaay upstairs and mock-announced the SC-ASU game from one of the luxury suites which was not being used that day. It's a long way from the floor, but easy to see, and it afforded me the opportunity to reacclimatize myself to calling a men's game, as opposed to the women's game, which is not nearly as fast paced. I thought I did pretty well, and it gives me good confidence having done one on my own prior to calling the SC at Cal game this week on the Trojan Radio Network for Rory.

He has had a great honor bestowed upon him, one that he could not pass up: That night, Vin Scully is getting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Mike ceremonies for top broadcasting in Southern California, and Rory has been given the task of giving the introductory speech. Being the "other" lead baseball announcer in town has its moments, to be sure, like winning a World Series and introducing Vinny. Nice.

I thought the women put up a great fight against a very good Arizona State team on the road yesterday. The ladies have a big weekend, and need to keep their momentum going with a sweep of the Washington's this weekend at Galen. I'll be calling the Friday night game vs. Wazzu, then hop on a plane to Berkeley Saturday morning.

Thursday night is the meeting of the Orange County Trojan Guild at John Hamilton's Newport Beach Sports Museum. I hope to meet with John and work out final details to loan/donate my sizeable program collection and sports scrapbooks to his museum for all to see.

It was a great sports Sunday, of course, watching the NFL playoffs. Unless I am actually involved in the NFL, I don't really watch much during the college season because of my job preparing for our games. But once the season winds down for us, I can watch the closing couple of weeks a little closer, and pay pretty good attention to the playoffs.

Obviously we all cheered for another typical Reggie Run, but I thought his antics at the end of it were in poor taste. If you are winning the game, or it is, in fact the winning score, then do a summersault and a shimmy dance (pretty ugly at any rate), otherwise, as Paul Brown used to say: "act like you've been there before" Pretty embarrassing, I thought. But what a nice run.

Being a lifelong Rams fan, I harken back to the days when the Packers, Colts and Vikings used to make life miserable for our men. So I still root openly against those teams, more so the Colts and Packers for sure. Being born in Chicago makes it easy to root for the Bears in the Super Bowl now, especially with Baltimore, er, Indianapolis in the game. Even Johnny Unitas doesn't align himself with these Colts.

Hey, the Big Tuna retired (again). Retiring from coaching is about as reliable as retiring from boxing. He'll be a GM somewhere before the draft. And let the Pete Carroll Rumors begin! When will you people learn??!!

Double Hey, Timmy's Team is ranked #25 in the nation. Talk about a big weekend up north. SC is 3-14 recently in the bay area, losing 6 of 7 there to the Farm, and 8 of 10 at Cal.

That' all for now. Fight On! Top Stories