10 questions with Chris Galippo

WeAreSC caught up with several of the Trojan signees for a series of Ten Question interviews designed to get to know the players a little better. Click below to read more from Chris Galippo:

What about USC first caught your eye?

It was the excitement of the coaching staff. Coach Carroll puts so much time and effort into coaching. The way he is so open to family and how he greeted my mom with a big hug really made an impression on me. He's personable and family oriented. And on top of all that, I just love the atmosphere of the football proram.

What was your deciding factor in committing to the Trojans?

The location of the school. I mean, that, on top of who they are as a football program and a university. It's right in my backyard and I had to take advantage of that. Plus, I have some family ties with the Kalil family and I got a chance to talk with Ryan (Kalil) about his success at USC. I was able to learn about his experiences and really gained a comfort with the school through him as well.

What are three characteristics that describe you as a person?

Goal oriented. Character filled. Extremely confident.

What are three characteristics that describe you as a football player?

Tenacious. Relentless. Tons of effort.

What is your favorite thing to do on the field?

Get jacked up after making plays. I love getting excited and celebrating after plays. Of course, I love making the big plays as well.

What is your favorite thing to do off the field?

Hang out with friends and play video games.

If you don't go on to play in the NFL, what would you like to do?

I'd want to work for myself. Whatever it is, it'll probably be along the lines of communications or business.

What are you most looking forward to in terms of playing for USC?

Working under Coach Norton and gaining all the knowledge he'll share with me. I'm also going to enjoy playing with guys who play at such a high level. They'll all have the same motivation and goals as me and I'm looking forward to sharing success as a team.

What do you feel will be your biggest challenge in moving from high school to college?

Gaining the level of maturity that college players have in terms of the mental aspects of the game. Physically, I'll get stronger and faster, but at the level that USC competes at, so much of the game is mental.

Who is the one player on USC's roster or in your recruiting class you are most excited to play with?

Of the guys coming in with me, I'd say Everson Griffen. He's a freak of a player, just all over the place. Also, we've become good friends and I'll be playing with him on the defensive side of the ball.

Of the guys already on the roster, I'd say my host for my official visit, Brian Cushing. He's a guy that I really want to model myself after. He gives 100% effort on every play, he sacrifices his body. He's a team guy, but he still stands out, making plays and getting excited.

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