10 Questions with Jordan Campbell

WeAreSC caught up with several of the Trojan signees for a series of Ten Question interviews designed to get to know the players a little better. Click below to read more from Jordan Campbell:

What about USC first caught your eye?

The practices and how intense they are. Everyone is going full speed, balls to the wall.

What was your deciding factor in committing to the Trojans?

Oh man, I was committed as a little kid.

What are three words that describe you as a person?

A respectful gentleman.

What are three words that describe you as a football player?

Athletic. Aggressive. Mean.

What is your favorite thing to do on the field?

Hit. I love big hits.

What is your favorite thing to do off the field?

Work out.

If you don't go on to play in the NFL, what would you like to do?

Something around the game of football. Either coaching or recruiting. I'd like to be around the game.

What are you most looking forward to in terms of playing for USC?

Bonding with the players. That, and winning National Championships. Four, to be exact.

What do you feel will be your biggest challenge in moving from high school to college?

Waiting to get my turn to play. I've never waited before, but there are great players ahead of me right now.

Who is the one player on USC's roster or in your recruiting class you are most excited to play with?

(Chris) Galippo and Ev (Everson Griffen). Actually, all of them. I'm good friends with a lot of the guys coming in this year. I played with Da'John Harris in an All-Star game. I just can't wait to see this class on the field; we got great players.

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