WeAreSC writers talk recruiting class

WeAreSC recruiting writers Brian Matthews, Scott Schrader and Garry Paskwietz answered various questions about this class in a roundtable format. Click below to read more:

Three players from this class who will make an impact as freshman…

BM: Chris Galippo, Everson Griffen and Ronald Johnson will all make big impacts early on. The ex-factor here is Marc Tyler, that is if he regains his form after a brutal injury.

SS: Griffen, McKnight and O'Dowd.

GP: Everson Griffen, Chris Galippo and Marc Tyler. I think Griffen has a chance to come in and compete right away for playing time against Kyle Moore with Brian Cushing moving to SLB.

Four future team captains…

BM: I really like the leadership abilities of Chris Galippo and Everson Griffen, which were very obvious at the Army All American Game. I would also throw Kris O'Dowd in there, as he exemplifies what is good about a high school recruit, not to mention he is a very bright kid. I'm going to go ahead and say Jordan Campbell with my last pick, no matter where he does end up playing, I like his approach to the game.

SS: Galippo, Griffen, Tyler, Campbell

GP: So many choices here. I'll go with Galippo right away, Tyler and Griffen as well. For my fourth pick I'll go with Corp simply because quarterbacks usually end up being a captain.

Name one Off. and one Def. Player who will star next year on Service Teams…

BM: I really like Aaron Corp on the service team, and he will be able to give the Trojan defense a different look then the traditional pocket passer. On defense, I really think Da'John Harris will turn some heads, sure he may be slightly undersized, but he contains a slew of impressive pass-rush moves.

SS: Carswell and Jones

GP: Corp on the offensive service team will give the defense fits. I'll go with Jordan Campbell on defense, his energy will stand out.

Biggest Surprise…

BM: To me, it is Ronald Johnson hands down. There was no mention of Ronald for a few months, and then came his commitment. He is a very rare talent, a type of kid that is one of a kind in each recruiting year. The question is where do you play him? Even though we are hearing wide receiver, this kid has All-American cornerback written all over him.

SS: Ronald Johnson

GP: Yes, RoJo is probably the biggest surprise but since both Brian and Scott picked him I will go in a different direction and say the emergence of Brandon Carswell. There was a time late in the season when the coaches weren't sure which receiver they wanted to offer so during a bye week they went throughout the state to evaluate every receiver on the wish list and made the decision to offer Brandon. Since then, most Trojan fans have seen his highlight tape and realize what a talented athlete he is.

Best Position Group…

I am going to go with running back here. Marc Tyler, Broderick Green and Joe McKnight will add much needed roles to an already impressive group of backs.

SS: Offensive line

GP: Hard to pick against the running backs. Just a terrific group of guys with varying skill sets.

Three biggest misses…

BM: Donovan Warren, James Wilson, and Marvin Austin were the biggest misses in my book. Donovan is a Poly guy, and that pipeline has worked brilliantly over the past years when it comes to SC football. James Wilson was a very important piece to this class regardless of his talent, we needed a guard. Marvin Austin is what the Trojans had missed out on over the past few years, a playmaker at the tackle spot.

SS: Warren, Austin, Wilson.

GP: Donovan Warren, Anthony Gildon and James Wilson.

Three Biggest Needs for next year…

BM: Defensive line, offensive line, and cornerbacks will be the positions in high demand.

SS: Honestly, is there one? I'll go with long-snapper and punter

GP: Offensive line, corner and tight end

Four Best Recruiters in this class…

BM: To me, this is a question that can easily be answered. Chris Galippo, Marc Tyler, Everson Griffen, and Jordan Campbell all pitched in their best efforts to lure other top prospects West, and it shows with another incredible pull of talent.

SS: Galippo, Tyler, Campbell and Griffen. Let's not forget Shoemate, though.

GP: This is a no-brainer with Galippo, Tyler, Griffen and Campbell. I can't remember a class that got this close so early in the process.

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