Holmes talks recruiting

Alex Holmes is one of the most beloved Trojans in Pete Carroll's tenure at USC. His baby brother, Kahled (6-6,295), would seem to be a lock for SC. However, SC hasn't offered him a scholarship, nor has Michigan, the school his father played for. So, the two schools he has high interest in haven't offered, but it's still extremely early in the recruiting process

Holmes attended USC's meet and greet on Saturday (Feb. 24), and one would think it was a perfect opportunity for the Trojans to offer him a scholarship.

"I didn't really speak to them about offering, but I got a sense that hopefully they will in the near future," Holmes said.

Holmes said he hadn't communicated with the USC staff for quite a while until last Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised with the meet and greet experience.

"I actually thought we were just going to the basketball game, but it was more like a junior-day. We toured the facilities, but I was already pretty familiar with that because my brother (TE Alex Holmes) went there. I met all the coaches and they all spoke to us individually and as a group. Then the position coaches spoke to us, the academic counselor spoke to us and then everyone left for the basketball game--but I couldn't make that."

While his father attended Michigan and his big brother attended USC, Holmes was asked how his older brother was advising him.

"He's just telling me pretty much the truth," Holmes said. "I mean, the program is in such a good position and they're doing things that almost no other school has done before--in terms of success in football. He was a part of two national championships, he's been successful and knows what it's like, and he just wants the same for me. He's conveying to me that the success will continue for SC, and hopefully I can help them do even better."

And how does his father's playing/attending Michigan factor into his decision?

"I was always a Michigan fan until my brother went to SC, because my father played football at Michigan," Holmes said. "Up until I was 10 or 11, I was all Michigan. He always told stories about Bo Schembechler, how great the rivalry was with Ohio State and how awesome the Big-10 was. I think it's been turned around a little and the Pac-10 is probably a stronger conference. But they still have a great tradition at Michigan and it's still a great football program."

Holmes experienced first-hand what it's like to be a Trojan, we asked what the selling points were with Michigan other than family ties.

"Well, to tell you the truth, my family ties to Michigan is probably the biggest thing I have going for Michigan," Holmes said. "I don't want to make that seem like it's light in any way. That's a pretty big deal and they've had a lot of success. It's tough to compare any university to SC right now, but they're pretty good."

If USC and Michigan were to offer Holmes a scholarship, are those the two schools he'd consider committing to?

"USC and Michigan are definitely not the only two schools," Holmes said. "I'm wide open. Obviously, I have the family ties to SC and I'm leaning a little toward SC, but I'm definitely going to take all the time I have, take all my official visits and make the right decision."

Alex was one of the most highly sought prospects in his recruiting class, how did he approach the recruiting process?

"He had kind of a strange deal because he didn't play football his senior season because of a mix up wit the CIF," Holmes said. "I believe he waited until signing-day. He was going to take all of his official visits and I know he took one to Stanford, UCLA, obviously USC and Michigan. He was going to take a trip to Notre Dame, but he cancelled it after he visited SC. He just fell so in love with SC. But he was almost a sure thing for Michigan, until he went back there and experienced that weather (laughing). It's a stark contrast to Southern Cal."

Alex (Holmes) has a magnetic personality and it seemed he was the host for all of SC's big-time recruits no matter where they were from.

"He was one of the biggest reasons for their (USC) success," Holmes said. "He hosted all the big name players from Mike Williams, Reggie Bush--everybody."

Alex Holmes' name is no longer on the front page of WeAreSC.com on a regular basis, but Kahled provided an update on his brother's status.

"He was with the Dolphins his rookie season and the Rams last season, but he hurt his shoulder. So, he just had reconstructive surgery and now he's rehabbing. He's finally able to work out now. He's actually living with us right now, which is awesome."

It doesn't take long, after talking to Khaled Holmes, to understand he's articulate, engaging and outgoing, much like his brother. He was asked if his personality was like his brother.

"I like to think so," Holmes said. "I mean, I don't want to sound overconfident, but I'm a nice guy and up all the time. Alex is nine years older than me, so I'm trying to emulate him because he's my big brother."

Part of being an elite prospect from Orange County (CA), like Holmes, is the fact they're more than likely friends with, or at the very least, know the other elite prospects from their area.

"Blake Ayles (the tight end from Orange Lutheran) and I went to middle school together," Holmes said. "So we're pretty good friends and hung out a few times after the season. I've met Matt Kalil and D.J. Shoemate, and they're pretty cool guys."

Holmes told us he'll more than likely attend a USC camp this summer and we'll have an update on his performance.

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