Brewster getting national attention

The 2007 recruiting class is in the books, and recruiting fans abroad are just now beginning to develop a familiarity with the prospects from the 2008 class. One player to keep an eye on over the next eleven months is offensive lineman Michael Brewster of Edgewater HS in Orlando (FL.).

Although the recruiting year is in it's development stage, that has not stopped college coaches from entering their schools into a sweepstakes for one of the nation's top offensive linemen.

"Everything has been relatively quiet over the last week or so," said Brewster. "My two most recent offers were Alabama and USC. I have twenty plus offers as of now."

While most prospects are sorting out letters of interest, Brewster has a jump on the competition in terms of narrowing his list of suitors. Brewster, who will be an early graduate, feels that there are a few schools at the top of his list.

"There are definitely some schools I am more interested in than others," answered Brewster. "USC, Florida, and Ohio State are really high up there, and I am positive I will take trips to each one of those schools. I have a pretty good idea of the other schools in my top five, but I want to think more about that and decide in May, or during my Spring ball."

Brewster carries a businesslike approach when it comes to choosing a destination, and feels that the three schools at the top of his list each have some very important things in common.

"All of the head coaches at USC, Florida, and Ohio State really stand out above the other schools I am interested in. Each of the schools is top class; from the history, the fans, the facilities, and the players themselves. Really you can't go wrong with any of the schools."

While the trek from Florida to Southern California may seem like a long one, Brewster has one thing in mind when making his decision.

"People ask me all the time if distance will play a factor, and I tell them the same thing. I tell them that I am going to go where it feels right, and that's the truth. If it feels right in California, then that's where I'll go. I know my parents will support me no matter where I go."

With the decision to graduate early, Brewster now has a relative date by which he would like to have his decision made.

"I plan on taking my visits early," commented Brewster. "I'd like to take them in September so I can make a decision by October. I'd like to take at least two or three visits before making a decision."

Graduating early has been an increasing trend throughout the recruiting landscape, and Brewster feels that there are many reasons for such a move.

"I've seen some guys graduating early," said Brewster. "They have real good shots at getting on the field as a freshman as long as they are good players and put in the work. Graduating early is like getting a head start, and you really can't go wrong with that."

Brewster does not have any connections to the West Coast, and has not yet visited California, but the recent offer from USC did manage to stick out above many others in a rising list of scholarships.

"Yeah, the SC offer was real special," added Brewster. "I've never been to California, but SC is a school you dream about playing for and getting an offer from."

It is often the relationship between a position coach and his recruit that seals the deal on a possible commitment, and Brewster has struck up a relationship with one Southern California assistant coach that could be the deciding factor in the end.

"Coach Ruel is in charge of recruiting me," answered the mammoth tackle prospect. "It looks like he'll be coming after me directly. He (Coach Ruel) texts me often, and it's only been a few weeks since the offer. He's real funny and a good guy, and I like that. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better, and our relationship is definitely something to build on."

A lot goes into the decision making prospect of a high school athlete, and Brewster has done plenty of research when it comes to schools of interest.

"I'm definitely looking at depth charts," commented Brewster. "I was at Florida today for a basketball game and the coaches were telling me not to worry to much about depth charts, that the best five will play regardless of year. You also have to be real careful with that to."

Brewster has taken notice of the Trojans depth at offensive line, and noticed a few things that stood out.

"I've looked at their (USC) depth at offensive line, and I know they need to take four or five offensive linemen in this class. They told me that they are planning on taking a tackle, a guard, and a center in this class."

Brewster can play multiple spots on the offensive line, which is what makes him such a sought after prospect, and has no reservations about a possible switch inside during his college career.

"Really, I'm trying to get on the field as fast as I can. All of the coaches are telling me that I'm athletic enough to play tackle, and at guard I like pulling. But if I'm not going to see the field as a guard, then I'll work in at tackle."

With the Trojans looking to load up on offensive lineman in this class, Brewster will be a name to remember come October. Top Stories