Pete's Arboblog

Hi fellow Trojans! A good tournament week to you all. Since most of the news right now is NOT football related, I'll just stick to the hot topics until March 22nd rolls around, if'n you don't mind too terribly much.

I guess the men's game at Washington didn't come as too much of a surprise, as pretty much no matter what happened in it, the boys would be playing for second spot in the conference on Saturday in the frigid Palouse. And when the Dawgs knocked off Ucla to close it out, it made it a bit easier to take.

Saturday, I coached kid baseball in Santa Monica. It was stepson-in-training Leo's debut in the Bronco (11-12) division. I love the "Americana" of opening day, no matter the level. On a perfect day for baseball, we had all the local teams gather outside the fence in left field, and one by one, from the little T-ballers to the big kids, the teams marched in behind their banners. The little leaguers pledge was read, the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem played by a few of the kids who also take band. Speeches, the first pitch, pictures, hot dogs, free cake. Very cool. We played the second game of the DH. I ended up scouting game #1, then finished up operating the scoreboard as our players had to go out and warm up.

Our game was a wild one, won 9-7. Season on!!! Leo saved the day making a one-handed basket catch of a sinking fly ball to left in the late innings with runners on. I didn't watch much after the ball got hit his way, just looked down and said a prayer. Jenny whooped when he caught it. Whew!

Headed out to participate in my writer's group at a local home, but got caught in the driveway listening to Rory call the end of regulation time at Wazzu. Hey we tied it up, we might have a chance. Writers group ends, I hit the computer and find out we lost by two in double OT. I hope this is a good thing.

So we open with Stanford, then if we win, we get Washington State, then the final is game three. Would love to get another crack at the Cougars. And the Bruins.

The women, meantime, won the game they HAD to win to get in, IMHO, and wait until next Sunday to find out for sure. It'd be tough to take Washington over USC out of the Pac-10, having beaten them 2 out of 3 head to head including in the conference tourney, and it's even tougher to imagine the NCAA only taking three from this outstanding league. SC is the fourth, and maybe the last Pac-10 team to get in. Hopefully they'll put us at home to get more fans in the stands.

I paid close attention to the high school playoffs of course. Congrats to Denise Woods (SC '01) who coaches at View Park Charter in the LA City. Her team won the Small Schools division and is off to the state playoffs this week. Harvey Kitani's Fairfax Lions (Colonials?) stopped Westchester's long playoff winning streak to take the City boys final. I watched the mater Dei-Artesia CIF-SS final. These two teams would beat some college teams. **

A BIG How Do You Do to: the baseball team, sweeping Georgia on the road. NCAA selection committee has to be impressed by that later this year. Fight ON!

With great weather this weekend, I actually broke maiden on lying on the sand for 2007 Sunday afternoon.


Ran a very tough three miles in the hills of Malibu Creek State Park Friday, and my legs have felt like HELL every since. I'm back out today on the nice flat boardwalk, training for Griffith Park 10k March 24.

I am about a week from being able to make delivery #2 to John Hamilton's Newport Sports Museum of my program collection.


Still trying to get a press credential for the Pac-10 tournament. Tickets, at $130 are a bit steep for me right now. Hopefully, by Thursday, I'll find a way in.

See you then. Top Stories