Pete's Arboblog

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of springtime—a light mist falling, the sound of baseball being swatted nearby, and the unmistakable sounds of FOOTBALL!

Like others of us, I cold not wait to get to HoJo/Beek today, didn't know what to do with the nervous energy two hours before the 3:30 special teamers taking the field!

It was uneventful certainly—it was great to see all the usual faces, good friends sharing a common bond—and fun to talk abut the coming season, so full of promise. Yet the men were in their shorts and shirts, no pads yet, so that was a bit disappointing, but soon enough they'll be in full battle regalia and hitting and having THAT sort of fun.

Said Hi to Will Collins, and Hershel Dennis, who has been around so long he actually is developing a small bald spot on the top of his head. Watched from my usual perch on one of the trainer's carts. It was cold. Ate with Brandon Hancock at Galen afterwards. He's getting his Master's this July. Wants to join our broadcast team, and if JJ has to leave us for his FOX gig too often, it would be great and an easy transition for BH to step right in, don't you think?

I hate it when guys change numbers. Both Taylor Mays and CJ Gable are #2 now. Gable looked good, it was good to see Havili back out there. Moody continues to amaze me. Can't wait to see the new kids this summer to see which ones will play right away.

David Ausberry is a MAN…good luck to all 5-8/175 CB's trying to tackle this load.

Man, this is gonna be a great year.

I can't make practice Thursday—coaching baseball. The team lost while I was away 13-11, blowing an 11-5 last inning lead for their first defeat.

Friday, I think I will opt to stay home and watch hoops.

How bout them Trojans??!! Way to go Tim! Now all they gotta do is beat UNC, then Georgetown and Ohio State or Memphis or Texas A & M to get a possible shot at UCLA to end all of that 13-9 crapola we've been hearing since December.

It IS good to have dreams, isn't it?


Speaking of which, I lived one of mine, as I spent four days at Bally's Las Vegas, withy Jenny (who absolutely adores college roundball) watching 48 games in 4 days, eating at the Rio Seafood Buffet, seeing Manilow from row 4 center, and only losing a total of $31 betting almost every single game (the minimum, of course) Free beverages and food, in the VIP lounge no less.

Details to come in the next edition of WeAreSC magazine.

It was a hoot.

I put a couple more football programs on ebay as I go through the boxes and boxes of endless stuff I have getting ready to loan it all to the Newport Sports Museum.

Latest up are a 1973 Rose Bowl, national title decider….Programs from the greatest college football team ever to take the field, the 1972 games vs Washington, cal, at Stanford, and Oregon state…..1971 at nd, 1970 home vs nd in the rain…

If you want ‘em come and get ‘em..

I will be, one of these days, posting a list of programs I and this collection are in need of, so be on the lookout. Safe to say if you have a road programs other than 1989-94, and 2001-2006, I probably need it, plus a few home games I will list later. Top Stories