Spring Ball Day 3

The intensity and hitting picked up a notch today at practice as the Trojans donned shoulder pads for the first time this spring and you can sense that the players are more than ready to put the full pads on this Sunday.

Keith Rivers had the big hit of the early part of the day and it helped set the tone for the remainder of the practice. Another highlight was a blocked FG by Shareece Wright.

The team held an extended team session at the end of practice in front of the large crowd of high school coaches who were in attendance for the annual coaches clinic. John David Booty looked particularly sharp leading the team, including a touchdown pass to Fred Davis, and we also saw an impressive 40 yard touchdown dash by Allen Bradford. Thomas Williams and Clay Matthews rotated in place of the injured Brian Cushing with Williams getting a pick and Matthews adding a sack.

Booty got things started by hitting Patrick Turner down the sidelines for 20 yards against coverage from Wright. Booty hit David Ausberry in the flat for 15 yards and then it was a 13 yards completion to Fred Davis. Booty had time on the next play thanks to Sam Baker picking up a blitzing Clay Matthews and John David was able to hit Dale Thompson for 11 yards. The first big play for the defense in the team session came next after Booty threw short to Vidal Hazelton and Cary Harris laid into him with a good hit to hold the play to a two yard gain. One onlooker commented "that's what I call 7 on 7."

Mark Sanchez came in and threw the first pass away. Mark then threw to Jamere Holland, the pass was low but Jamere was able to go down and get it for an eight yard gain against good coverage from Jimmy Abbott. Sanchez missed Ausberry on a slant and then Matthews came in for a sack. The next play was a nice one as Mark threw the ball with an arch along the left sideline and Turner was able to outbattle Wright while the ball was in the air and he came down with it for a 21 yard gain. Sanchez came back to Hazelton with a 7 yard completion and then Bradford went off left guard and sprinted 40 yards into the end zone. Bradford has put together a solid first week of spring.

Vincent Joseph started the next series with a sack on Sanchez. Gerald Washington batted down a pass attempt over the middle and then on the next play Thomas Williams was able to read the pass and get his hands up to make the interception over the middle.

Chauncey Washington had a strong run for 12 yards before an Alfred Rowe tackle. Desmond Reed then caught a short Booty pass and put a shake move on Luthur Brown that left Luthur grasping at air and Desmond got inside the 10 yard line. Make no mistake, there is a little more burst in Desmond's step so far this spring that we just didn't see last year. On the final play of the session Booty hit Fred Davis in the flat with a short pass and Fred turned the corner into the end zone for the score.

Among those in attendance today were Alex Holmes, Aaron Corp, Blake Ayles, Khaled Holmes, Chris Galippo and Everson Griffen.

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