Spring Ball Day 4 - Sunday scrimmage

It was a sunny day on Brian Kennedy/Howard Jones Field today for the first day in pads as the Trojans got in an extended scrimmage which was highlighted at the end by a Garrett Green to David Ausberry touchdown pass.

The Trojans put in almost a full practice before they started the scrimmage including a good 7 on 7 drill and some kickoff team drills but the fans in attendance, a large group that included several top recruits, were anxious to see the team scrimmage and they got their wish at the end of the day.

Mark Sanchez led the first team at quarterback (John David Booty did not take part in the scrimmage but did participate in the rest of the practice). The rest of the first offense was as follows: Moody, Havili, Baker, Byers, Howell, Rachal, Radovich, Davis, Turner and Patterson. They went against a first team defense that featured Morrow, Moala, Ellis, Moore , Rivers, Maualuga, T Williams, C Harris, Wright, Mays and W Harris.

Moody got things started with a short run then Sanchez hit Turner who juggled the ball but came down with it for an eight yard gain. Sanchez hit Patterson in the flat and Travon was able to lose Shareece Wright and run for 24 yards before being run out of bounds. Sanchez then faked a handoff to Chauncey Washington and then dumped a short pass to Chauncey who made Rey Maualuga miss before gaining 12 yards. The next play saw good coverage on Havili from Cary Harris but Sanchez threw the ball in the right spot and Stanley was able to make the grab and gain eight yards. Morrow and Ellis got pressure on Sanchez and he threw to Moody for no gain. Bradford got stopped at the line by Moala and Maiava for no gain. Sanchez had mis-communication with the receiver and the drive stalled. David Buehler came on to try a 42 yarder but the snap/hold was not smooth and the kick was no good.

Garrett Green brought the 2nd offense onto the field with Bradford, Havili, Ausberry, Walker , Miller, Coleman, Malu, Spanos, Herring and Lewis. The defense featured Barrett, Simmons, Miles , Washington , Matthews, Brown, Maiava, Abbott, Joseph, Rowe and McWhorter.

Bradford took a handoff for no gain, Miles and Maiava on the stop. A Moody run went nowhere and then Green hit Walker on a crossing route for a first down and a hard combo hit from Maiava and Joseph. A fumbled snap on the next play was recovered by Luthur Brown.

Rey Maualuga had a sack on Sanchez. On the next play Mark hit Ausberry on a slant for six yards. A pair of short passes to Dale Thompson resulted in a first down. Mark then tried to go deep to Fred Davis but Rivers and Wright were both there to knock the ball away. A quick out pass to Turner went for a few yards and the next pass was incomplete to force another field goal attempt by Buehler, this one was good from 40 yards.

Green had his best throw of the day when he rolled right and hit Cooper Stephenson for 15 yards. The play showcased Garrett's mobility as he waited until he was near the sideline before making the throw to the open receiver. Garrett then overthrew Ausberry. Moody tried a change of direction run but Gerald Washington stayed home nicely and held the play to no gain. Desmond Reed had a run that reminded everybody of the old Desmond as he weaved through the middle of the defense for 12 yards with a couple nice moves. A Bradford run was held to no gain by Simmons. Green overthrows Ausberry along the sidelines and then missed Walker as well to force a 40 yard FG attempt from Buehler which was hooked left.

Mike McDonald came in for the final series of the day and, as he so often does, led the team on a scoring drive. His first throw was to Travon, it was a little low and as Travon went down to get it he was met by Jimmy Abbott with a hard hit to cause an incompletion. McDonald dropped back on the next play and couldn't find an open receiver so he scrambled for 25 yards before a Clay Matthews tackle. Mike then hit Reed for seven yards and on the last play of the day he lofted a pass to the corner of the end zone and Ausberry came down with it for the score.

All in all it was a brief scrimmage but a nice chance to see the team in action with full pads doing some real hitting.

Among those in attendance were: Chris Polk, Aaron Corp, Matt Barkley, Tyron Smith, Max Tuioti-Mariner, Brad Budde, Bob Jensen, Sam Cunningham, Chris Galippo, Maurice and Marquis Simmons, Dwayne Jarrett, Willie McGinest, Justin Thompson and Everson Griffen.

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