Scouting Reports: USC prospects

Click below to read scouting report evaluations on four recruits; TE Blake Ayles, OL Khaled Holmes, KR Curtis McNeal and OL Michael Brewster:

Lutheran HS - Orange
6-4, 235 lbs 4.7 (E) TE/H-BACK

STRONGPOINTS: Strong, tough, and broad shouldered athlete with good physical size for age, Has solid build and plays with good strength and intensity, Shows great capabilities of releasing with ease, Catches the football with great reaction in crowds, Shields defenders well in positioning for football, Uses athleticism to adjust to ball in flight, Good functional awareness and uses it to find soft spots in zone coverages, Physical blocker who will uses size and strength to give effort to dominate DE and Lbs, Natural receiving skills

WEAKPOINTS: Speed could always be better to stretch middle seam, Will need to learn to use hand technique better to beat jams from safeties, Blocking technique will need to be refined on the college level, Good size but will need to add weight to become more forceful against college lineman, Doesn't show world class open field vision, Will need to get better burst out of breaks to gain more separation to give him more RAC space to create, Isn't too elusive in open field.

SUMMARY: Great natural TE prospect who seems to be a tough WR trapped in a TE's body,soft hands, Gets upfield with football and shows great character, Plays with good confidence, Shows off strength and leg drive every time he has football, Will give great effort in running and is a devoted blocker, Shows good ability to get body in best position to catch football, Great in red zone, Will be an impact receiving TE at next level

COMPARES TO : DALLAS CLARK , TE Indianapolis Colts

Weathersby Grade 7.7


6-6, 305 lbs 5.1 OT OG-C

STRONGPOINTS: Big, imposing athlete who overpowers defenders at high school level, very strong upper body, shows burst in initial step in run blocking, has body control to sustain blocks well, Really forceful in takeoff, good initial arm push in pass protection, aggressive off snap, pulls and runs aggressively, pulls up to hole and adjusts to moving defender, is explosive at contact, can get to 2nd level, gives excellent effort downfield, great use of hands and uses upper body strength to physically manhandle opponent

WEAKPOINTS: Has physical tools but techniques are lacking, is not great open space, doesn't show quick set up in pass protection,, isn't explosive off ball when setting up for pass protection, and wont move feet as quickly, will try to just pancake DL in pass protection instead of setting up in space and countering DL's moves, will get lazy and drop hands in pass protection and use forearms and shoulders, could have problems in space against quicker DE's

SUMMARY: Shows best skill set when working in short space which is why he's best suited to play RT or OG, great pulling technique and gets up through hole to find defender, when hands are locked on DL he wins his battles, plays with aggressiveness, tenacity and much desired mean streak, gets down field to throw extra blocks, and is always looking to throw another block, gets to point of contact well, with better coaching and technique will become a premier college OL

Weathersby Grade 7.8


6-5, 290 lbs N/A OT OG

STRONGPOINTS: Heavy legged athlete with thick thighs and hips, excellent character and is a top notch kid, plays aggressive and shows trait to finish blocks, most of strength come from leg drive, shows some quickness in initial step when drive blocking, shows good set up of hands and base in pass protection, nice squaring of shoulders in pass protection set up, has some punch and explosion in running game, strong leg action and sure hands to steer and turn DL, excellent cut off blocker, gets down field and throws body around, shows some versatility as an OG or OT

WEAKPOINTS: Looks to be limited athletically, shows stiffness and will bend at waist with bad lean, comes off ball hard but doesn't always bring feet, isn't the smoothest around skills need work in space, upper body strength will need development on a college level, isn't asked to pull or trap much so he may need technique work in that aspect, overall quickness is lacking, not an overwhelming athlete

SUMMARY: Very coachable, looks to be better projected as an OG due to great ability in short area space, is aggressive off snap, shows good ability to display technique, will not be Winston Justice-esque regarding athletic ability but is coachable and has some good technique and strength, plays like a "true" OL as he looks to put his man on ground and has a nasty side to him, shows some good awareness on the OL, with some added strength and bulk and flexibility development, could become a solid OG/OL


Weathersby Grade 5.8


5-8, 175 4.45 (E) RB KR/PR/CB

STRONGPOINTS: Incredibly quick and squatty athlete with compact build, shows some thickness through legs and thighs, deceptively strong, shows great acceleration through hole and has an extra gear while in space in open field, doesn't always need space to create, can score from anywhere on football field, off the charts balance, elusiveness and open field vision, shows good hands and sets up blockers well especially on 2nd and 3rd levels, shows tackle breaking ability, is a darter but runs with power, kick and punt return ability is a great plus

WEAKPOINTS: Isn't the biggest or absolute strongest RB, will not be an every down college RB, will be a liability in 1 on 1 pass protection, does he have a "true" position?, might be more quick than fast, frame may not be able to add much more weight, takes hits but durability may be of concern at collegiate level, can he run adequate routes out of the slot?

SUMMARY: A playmaker with the football, has great elusiveness and cut back ability, quick feet and can accelerate and get around the corner and to the perimeter of a defense, excellent balance and great feel for blocks and sets them up well, tough and can take some punishment, could also be a Darrell Rideaux-type of CB, if he is utilized properly and in special situations while given the football he will become a great asset to an offense and team's return game


Weathersby Grade 6.2


Weathersby Grading Chart

9.0 Super Recruit/Day 1 Starter as True Frosh
8.0-8.9 Premier Recruit / Eventual Frosh Starter
7.0-7.9 Prime Recruit / Frosh Contributor
6.0-6.9 Good Recruit / Frosh Special Teamer
5.5-5.9 Good Recruit / Strong need for Redshirt
5.0-5.4 Depth Recruit / will provide 4 years of depth on roster
4.5-4.9 Developmental Prospect / Needs more time to hone needed skills and/or size
2.1-4.0 More info needed, Didn't see enough to fully evaluate
1.0-2.0 Ungradeable:Don't Offer

*Player's grades are based off tape and talent, not future school's depth chart and personnel Top Stories