Broderick's Back

Howard Jones and Brian Kennedy Field had a large crowd in attendance on Thursday afternoon for the USC's sixth practice. Most were fans, but there were a few former and future Trojans in attendance.

Jordan Campbell, Da'John Harris, Broderick Green, Jim Hardy, Bob Jensen and Pat Howell were in attendance, as were several members of the South Torrance, Long Beach Poly (Jurrell Casey) and El Camino College football teams.

Broderick Green flew into Los Angeles on Wednesday and was on campus for the first time since his official visit in December. He expressed his love for USC throughout the recruiting process, but his family believed Penn State would be a better fit and Green almost signed with the Nittany Lions.

"Wooo, I came real close to signing with Penn State," Green said with a serious look on his face. "My family really wanted me to go there, but USC was in my heart and I love everything about it. I love the coaches, the players and I love Los Angeles. It can be really boring back in Arkansas."

Being at USC again really brought back the strong feelings Green had for the Trojans.

"I was excited today," Green said with a huge smile. "I was pumped the whole time and I'm just ready to get here.

"I'm loving being back at SC and I don't want to go back home. They talk about out-of-state kids getting homesick, but I can promise you I won't. I love it at SC and I can't wait to get started in the summer."

Naturally, Green spent most of the day checking on the running backs.

"C.J. Gable stood out and all the backs stood out," Green said. "They all did good and I'm learning a lot from all of them."

Jordan Campbell made his first practice since the death of his uncle, Michael Collier.

"We're having a tough time dealing with what's happened, but I'm just trying to stay busy," Campbell said. "Being out here allows me to forget about everything for a few hours."

It was obvious being at USC was just what Campbell needed and, like Green, he had a huge grin when asked about Thursday's practice.

"Practice is fun, fast moving and everybody brings a lot of energy," Campbell said. "I just got to hang out with the coaches and my boys (Broderick Green and Da'John Harris) here. I can't wait to get out here and practice with the guys. Chris Galippo told me, ‘Don't go to practices. You'll want to be out there playing.'"

While WeAreSC was talking to Campbell on the sidelines during practice, he mentioned a few wide receivers who caught his attention.

"Patrick Turner had a good day," Campbell said. "No. 17 (Travon Patterson) had a really good day. He doesn't drop a lot of passes and David Ausberry looked really good. I was wondering all day who No. 9 (Ausberry) was. He's a big, athletic kid and made a lot of catches."

USC's 2007 recruiting class was one of the best in the country and those in that class will likely begin their careers playing for the top-ranked team in the country. Campbell said he's extremely excited about that opportunity and believes USC will be better than ever this season.

"The Trojans are coming back strong in 2007 and as soon as school ends, we're suiting up," Campbell said. "We're all counting every day and can't wait to get out here. We can't wait to get our lockers, jerseys and finally be a part of a championship team."

Harris and Campbell were talking to us during practice, and Donovan Warren's name came up. "I couldn't believe he signed with Michigan," Harris said. Campbell looked at us with wide eyes and said, "He told all of us he was committing to USC. He must have made a last minute decision. I don't know what happened. He better buy a warm jacket."

Harris has been a regular at spring practices and he gave us his thoughts on what he's seen.

"Everybody's moving fast, there's a lot of contact, a lot of hype and energy out there," Harris said. "The players all stand out because it's SC football—it's an SC practice.

"I'm just trying to finish up strong with my grades and keep my GPA up. I passed my SAT already, so I'm just counting the days until I get in."

Although he wasn't in attendance at Thursdays practice, Aaron Corp had been at the previous five. And he's been extremely active in talking to the coaches and all of the quarterbacks. He was asked what he's picked up after USC's fifth practice on Tuesday.

"Mostly the terminology and just getting used to that," Corp said. "I've been in every meeting and that's really helped out a lot. In the meeting they're adding new plays day by day. They aren't new for these guys (current players), but they are for me. I'm just trying to tag along and become familiar with everything. It's a lot of fun seeing everything and how it works."

We asked how John David Booty, Mark Sanchez, Garrett Green and Michael McDonald have helped him.

"They're showing me key points to plays that maybe I missed in a meeting and stuff like that," Corp said. "They've been real helpful."

There's been a lot of talk about how the Trojans look like they're in mid-season form, even though they're only six practices into spring camp. Corp said this when we brought up that observation. "Yeah, I know," Corp said. "It's pretty impressive, so hopefully that's a sign of good things to come. I'm excited and I know these guys are."

We'll have more on USC's spring practices tonight. Top Stories