Simmons talks USC Junior Day

Compton (Calif.) Dominguez linebacker Maurice Simmons went to USC's Junior Day on Saturday with no pressure on him to get answers to questions, see specific things or need to listen to any other pertinent information.

Instead, the Trojan commit used the experience at Junior Day to check out his future teammates and recruit the uncommitted prospects who also visited, all while becoming more eager to begin his USC career.

"It went pretty good, everything was good about it," said Simmons. "I was seeing a lot of talent, a lot of big players that were juniors and I was trying to motivate them and tell them that this is the school to go to."

In fact, Simmons worked the recruiting angle heavily on Sunday.

"I was just talking to them about USC. Most players were concerned SC is loaded and they worry about competition. But I tell them that competition is everywhere, and SC is no different and they obviously get the best players so why not compete here?"

Simmons did enjoy the tours of the school and more than just the football aspect of the day.

"They had good food which I liked," said Simmons. "We went to the weight room, went to the classrooms and they showed us the academic center. We'll have tutors and computer labs to use. We went to the locker room and man, it was just amazing."

Simmons had been at the Trojans Meet and Greet last month but said this one was more formal.

"This was had more to do at it. We got to watch the practice and it was very intense. It was great," said Simmons.

Simmons said that linebacker coach Ken Norton and secondary coach Rocky Seto have stopped debating about where he will play.

"They're not really arguing over me anymore," said Simmons. "I've been playing linebacker my whole like and Coach Norton, he knows that's the position for me. I might move to safety at some point, but I'm coming in as a weakside linebacker."

Simmons said his camp plans will be a return trip to the Combine, where he was one of the standouts a year ago as a sophomore and then USC's Rising Senior Camp this summer. Top Stories