Scouting Report: Polk, Horton, Simmons

Click below to read scouting report evaluations on three USC commits; LB Maurice Simmons, DL Wes Horton and WR Chris Polk:

Chris Polk
Redlands East Valley
5-10.5, 190 4. 45 WR/RB 2008

STRONGPOINTS: Trim, lean body, Smooth and Fluid athlete with little wasted running motion, Can burst and accelerate, Shows great hands and concentration and will extend arms to catch the football, Agile with quick feet, Gets upfield with ball, Displays nice body control and balance, Shows vision and ability to create in space, Reacts well in traffic and with defender on him while ball is being delivered

WEAKPOINTS: Runs too upright as a RB, needs to add weight and strength mainly in lower body, will need pattern and route development since he isn't a full time WR, will need to work on technique to effectively beat jams and bump and run coverage, doesn't show instinct to avoid and slip defenders while running patterns, might have problems with LBs in pass protection

SUMMARY: Projects more as a WR, who's best suited to be used in the slot and in space, doesn't possess weight and strength to be an every down college RB (more of a "lightning" RB), but is a play maker and uses his RB skills to help his RAC skills and instincts as a WR, with full time devotion to being a WR will become a solid and creative player

Weathersby Grade: 7.1


Wes Horton
Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks)
6-5, 236 N/A DE/DT 2008

STRONGPOINTS: Tall proportioned athlete, Has Frame to add a good amount of weight, Gets off ball with quickness and strength, Shows a knack to close on QB and ball carrier, Displays a great short area burst, Has a determination to get to QB and hits with explosive force, shows potential to develop good range and chase ability

WEAKPOINTS: Comes off ball too high at times due to height, Quick but has difficulty disengaging from stronger OL a, Needs to refine more rushing techniques and to use hands and his long arms better, Fair strength at point but shows some concern for stopping at stacking at point against bigger OL,Will look mechanical when rushing, Can be ran at

SUMMARY: Shows potential to become a solid Weak side 4-3 DE, Maybe even a an OLB in a 3-4 scheme, Great powerful burst and first step and Can close on QB, Needs to develop strength mainly in upper body to become an every down DE, Will need technique work and to gain an more pass rushing moves, but in all is a good football player who plays with tenacity and determination and likes to mix it up

Compares to: Manny Lawson, DE/OLB SF 49ers

Weathersby Grade: 6.3


Maurice Simmons
6-2, 205 4. 61 LB/SS 2008

STRONGPOINTS: Trim, lean athlete with solid and muscular build but has frame to add weight, off the charts FBI and plays fast, smart and shows leadership capabilities, very aggressive, finds ball well and is always around, fills inside gaps quickly and aggressively,good speed and range to get to outside, tough and will take on blockers, a hitter, shows great blitzing skills and closing speed to get into backfield, plays fantastic when given space

WEAKPOINTS: Will need much work if he's to play safety at next level, needs more technique in shedding blockers and will let OL get into his body, must use hands to push away better, needs backpedal and true coverage work, drifts into pass drop area and rarely turns and runs, isn't great at weaving through traffic against blockers, needs development in covering in space

SUMMARY: Is very instinctive and great in run support, which why he's probably projects best as a "Will" OLB, but has quickness, speed and agility to be effectively coached up in pass coverage, he shows great chase speed and acceleration when play is outside, best when play is away from him, great tackler and always wraps up, is tough and understands the game, doesn't play reckless or overeager, Some say he will safety but he shows great run support skills and sideline to sideline speed which are top qualities for an OLB


Weathersby Grade: 7.0


Weathersby Grading Chart

9.0 Super Recruit/Day 1 Starter as True Frosh
8.0-8.9 Premier Recruit / Eventual Frosh Starter
7.0-7.9 Prime Recruit / Frosh Contributor
6.0-6.9 Good Recruit / Frosh Special Teamer
5.5-5.9 Good Recruit / Strong need for Redshirt
5.0-5.4 Depth Recruit / will provide 4 years of depth on roster
4.5-4.9 Developmental Prospect / Needs more time to hone needed skills and/or size
2.1-4.0 More info needed, Didn't see enough to fully evaluate
1.0-2.0 Ungradeable:Don't Offer

*Player's grades are based off tape and talent, not future school's depth chart and personnel Top Stories