Meyer attends Trojan Huddle

Stockton (Calif.) Lincoln offensive tackle Matt Meyer (6-8, 285), who committed to USC in February, came down to Southern California over the weekend to attend the Trojan Huddle.

"It was pretty cool, I didn't expect that many people because it was a spring game but they had a pretty good turnout, like 15,000 people," said Meyer. "I had been in there when I took my last trip, but it was the first time I've been there with people in it. Those 15,000 were very on top of SC football and it's funny to think another 75,000 will be in there who know the same."

Meyer hung out with fellow Trojan commits Matt Kalil, D.J. Shoemate and Wes Horton, and the quartet received plenty of attention from USC fans.

"Matt, D.J., Wes and I were walking around the Coliseum and people pointed us out," said Meyer. "It's really enjoyable, yet at the same time its real overwhelming so I'm just trying to stay pretty grounded."

For Meyer, it was the first time he got to see the Trojans go live this spring.

"It was the first practice I had been to and after seeing them all suited up I wanted to go back and start practicing," said Meyer. "I spent quite a bit of time with Coach (Pat) Ruel and we talked for a while. They haven't really made any certain indications of where I am going to play, they want me to wait to come in and see what I can do. I'm better at pass blocking so they will probably have me play the left side because all three of the quarterbacks are right-handed."

Meyer also was thrilled with how well he hit it off with Horton, Shoemate and Kalil.

"It's been pretty nice, when it was Matt, me, DJ and Wes because we're all real similar in personalities," said Meyer. "It was funny cause we each have identical mindsets on what we want for the program. For Matt and I, both of our goals are the same."

Meyer had some new news that he hopes bodes well for his future with USC.

"I'm actually going to graduate a semester early so I can get a little bit of a head start," said Meyer. "Sam Baker is at left tackle right now, so what I'm really trying to do is come in and compete for that position. I'm pretty fundamentally sound, and so there is good chance to see how well we can play early."

Despite his commitment to USC, Meyer said schools have still shown interest in him, but that hasn't made him waver.

"Coaches still talk to me and I still talk to them, but I'm very committed," said Meyer. "I'm so committed I actually did my senior schedule so I can graduate early and get there and I'm taking all of the classes I need. I want to figure out things like how they pass block and how they run block. If everything goes as planned, that's what will happen."

Meyer has been doing the shotput and discus for Lincoln, which he said has helped him this offseason.

"They both help a lot with my footwork," said Meyer. "I'm trying to get a little quicker and this is helping. But I think I'll probably just do football when I get to USC."

Meyer will next return to Troy in June for the Lineman Camp and he'll also attend the Rising Seniors Camp later that month. Top Stories