Pete's Arboblog: Huddle edition

The Trojan Huddle was great fun as always, and the All-American plaque ceremony was great last Saturday.

We started the day off with the latter up in the torch end of the Coliseum, as several of the honorees were there and spoke, including Mike Garrett, Adrian Young, Bill Bain, John Vella (photo, with Arbo) and Paul McDonald, along with AD.
They each shared memories of their playing days and what it means to be immortalized with the likes of political and religious leaders and Olympians, whose similar plaques line the halls there. I hope you can all get up there and see it. Sam Baker's name is on it, how thrilling it must be for a young guy like that to see his name up there with all of those heroes of years gone by, and STILL BE PLAYING!! Big time stuff!

The game itself was a good showcase, although there are always so many veterans not suiting up for the contest. Last year, it was steaming hot, this time, rather on the chilly side. Hershel Dennis (USCHD) and Chauncey Washington looked good, the QB's did okay, the defense intercepted several passes and forced a few fumbles. All in all, as always it was good to be back in the beautiful Stadium.

There was some talk that if LA gets the Olympic bid in 2016, we'll have to put a track back in there, but that's a ways off. The US City winning bid will be announced this week, so keep your fingers crossed for LA to win, then the final winning city will be announced after ore work, in 2009. London has the games in 2012, so it appears that the winning American bid city has a pretty good shot at the games in '16.

I did attend my final spring practice yesterday (can't make the final couple, although Saturday might still be a possibility)…no pads yesterday, but it's never a bad place to be. The weather was great, a bit better than, say, South Bend or Columbus this time of year.


Went to Dodger Opening day, on my own dime. Took Mark Helmer and youngest daughter Veronica, who played hooky from school. My mom would not let me do anything else on opening day, even if I wanted to go to school, which I never did, so I try to keep family tradition alive. The parking, as you have no doubt read, was just ridiculous. I parked on the street and walked in. It can't be long until they stop that practice, and force people with little income to park for $15 bucks. Remember the days when you could park a half mile from the Forum for Lakers and Kings game, but the owners got wind of it and had the city of Inglewood close the streets to force you into their lots. It's coming here, too. Bet on it.

The pomp and ceremony of OD is always great to watch and be a part of. Ronnie left for a refreshment in the top of 4th, and did not return to her seat until the top of the 7th. But who doesn't mind waiting in line for a 5$ ice cream sandwich? Or a 5$ bag of stale peanuts? Or a $5.50 bottle of water? Not much of a game, but coming off of a 3 game sweep in Frisco…..

BTW, caught Vinny telling us Barry Zito was from the University of Southern California. Someone must've got to him! Fight On!


Spring break has been quiet, as Jenny's two kids are back east visiting grandparents with their dad. It's given us time to catch up on projects, and for me to continue to search diligently, for work. Something's' coming, I can feel it. Something good.

Running has gone well lately, turned a nice 22:22 for 2 ½ miles the other day, that's the best in a loooong time. Searching for races.


I see Arron Afflalo followed good advice. Now maybe Darin Colison can do the same. Hey Nick Young, stay in school----it's cool.


The Lakers and Clippers play tomorrow, maybe for a playoff spot as it will turn out. Clippers fans seem to base their whole lives and season on finishing with a better record than the Lakers, or barring that, going 4-78, with the four wins vs. the Lakers. Lakers fans seem to be annoyed by the little ankle-biting, yappy dog running around them, but are always basing THEIR season success on winning championships, not qualifying 7th or 8th for the playoffs. And there is the big difference between the franchises.


I spent this morning and some of this afternoon walking a corridor from my street in Venice up and down about two blocks of Ocean Avenue in a one man campaign to pick up the tremendous amount of litter tossed out by beach goes and revelers who do not live here. It is appalling. It looks better now, but for how long? Please don't litter, just throw it in trash cans, it's so easy.


While Jenny and I are getting married in a somewhat private beach ceremony here on August 11, we will have a wide-open reception at Hinanos on Washington at the Venice Pier that night starting at 10:30 p.m. No gifts allowed, just your presence. Of course, what you drink and what you eat is all on your own dime, too! But there are a couple of pool tables and a cool vintage Ms. Pac Man/Gallaga game, a juke box and free pop corn, so it's a really fun place. Top Stories