Long has interest in USC

St. Anne's Belfield School (Va.) two-way lineman Kyle Long is one of the most sought-after prospects in the country, and the talented two-way lineman took time to speak with WeAreSC.com about his interest in the Trojans.

"I've already established USC as one of the top schools for me," said Long. "Their record and program really speaks for itself. I've been to the campus (USC) before, and I'm going to head out there during the season with my dad to check it out it and get an idea on how things are run over there."

Long does hold an offer from Southern Cal, but the Trojans have taken a different route recruiting Long, which may work in their favor.

"When they (USC) were first recruiting me, they were talking about me as an offensive tackle. Now they are recruiting me as a defensive-end, and I'm definitely fired up about that. I'd actually rather play d-end, even though most schools are recruiting me as a offensive tackle."

Running backs coach Todd McNair will be in charge of recruiting Long, and the four-star lineman has already begun speaking with McNair on a regular basis.

"Me and Coach McNair speak every once in a while," answered Long. "I let him know how things are going in baseball and everything else, and he seems real cool. I also have talked to Coach Carroll, and I can't wait to get out there and meet him."

The program and it's success are not the only potential draws for Long, as he set aside a few other things that make Southern Cal a possible destination.

"I need to get a little bit of that sunshine," Long responded quickly. "I'm from California, I lived there for seven years, and my mom also went to graduate school at USC. The coaches at USC tell me I play the game the way it is supposed to be played."

The distance between Los Angeles and Virginia would get a lot of prospects worried, but Long has connections to Los Angeles that may eventually help the Trojans in their recruitment of Long.

"Distance is always going to play a factor," confessed Long. "But L.A. is where my dad works and it's real close to SC. He'd be able to come and watch me play, which is definitely a plus."

Long has started a friendship with fellow Virginian Deion Walker, who also holds an offer from the Trojans.

"Me and Deion talk mainly about our recruiting and how things are going," answered Long when asked about his friendship with Walker. "We are in the same prep league here in Virginia, so we keep each other up to date on recruiting."

With Walker also possessing an offer from the Trojans, one would think that both players have spoken about their interest in Southern Cal.

"Deion is in the same boat as me, we are both from California and now live here. He knows that I like USC and I know he does to. I'm not sure when he is planning on making a decision, but I know I am going to wait things out to be certain."

Long will take his time with things, but did not rule out an early decision.

"I mean it could be today, it could be Signing Day" answered Long. "I'll know when its right."

When asked how he would know what school is right for him, he responded.

"Its definitely a feeling thing," he said. "I don't really have any standards that I am looking for, it will be how I am feeling. When I am walking around with the team and the coaches, that's when I'll know."

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