Scouting Reports: USC recruits

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LB Brandon Beal
Roxbury HS, NJ
6-3, 236 lbs 4.55 SLB/MLB

STRONGPOINTS: Lean, High cut, muscular athlete, with imposing size. Very physical player that plays great burst and speed. Ver y aggressive, and flows to ball nicely. Great upperbody strength, Finds ball well and makes adequate adjustments n pursuit, Good and natural instincts, Marginal sped for good range, Plays the run with brilliance, Doesn't back off blockers and comes hard with great shoulder punch to attack them, Sure tackler, Drives into ballcarrier hard with body and wraps up

WEAKPOINTS: Plays run very well, but pass drops will need work, Concerns arrive when in coverage in space, shows athleticism but needs coverage awareness and technique at covering TE's if he's to play "Sam" linebacker at next level, Plays physical but doesn't take advantage of hands to shed blockers as bigger FB's and OL's will be able to get into his body if he doesn't improve, could stand to get faster to improve his sideline to sideline speed

SUMMARY: Aggressive player who sniffs out ballcarriers vs. the run, which is why he's best suited to play strongside/"Sam" linebacker in a 4-3 scheme, Great size and shows a good enough burst to pass rush even gain consideration for an OLB in a 3-4 scheme,, will need to work on speed and leg strength, fills the hole quickly and aggresively and will hit you no matter if you have the football or not, Once he completely develops athletically, mentally, and physically, he should become a fanatastic collegiate linebacker

Compares to : Mike Vrabel, LB New England Patriots

Weathersby Grade: 7.0


LB Arthur Brown
East HS, Wichita, KS
6-1, 225lbs 4.5 LB

STRONGPOINTS: Plays FAST, Very aggressive and intense, Great sideline to sideline player with strong playing strength,Reacts to pass or run, Finds ball well and is a heat seeking missile to it, Explodes and fills hole quickly and aggressively, Great speed and range to get outside, Covers a lot of ground, Plays with force and tenacity, Doesn't just hit but he tries to punish ball carriers, Closes on ball carriers with great short area burst, Fantastic athlete with great balance which allows him to cover RB's and TE's, Takes on blockers and just overpowers them, Hits with explosion and wraps up

WEAKPOINTS: Plays too reckless and overeager at times, Can be caught out of position, Knows he has great athletic talent so on field discipline may be in need for him, Needs to refine technique at shedding blockers as he gets by now at just being the better and stronger athlete, Will need work in space for pass drops in coverage and develop a bit more coverage awareness

SUMMARY: A football player. Plain and simple. Just so happens he's blessed with unique athleticism. Very versatile and can play all three LB positions and excel at any of them and could be a great SS as well. Combination of speed, balance, aggressiveness and physicality in his on field approach. Is all over the field and range is off the charts. Special player.

COMPARES TO : Ray Lewis, MLB Baltimore Ravens

Weathersby Grade: 8.05


OL Matt Meyer
Lincoln HS, Stockton, CA
6-8, 285lbs N/A LT/RT

STRONGPOINTS: Tall OL with good size but will be able add to his frame. Plays big and uses his size well. Is an good athlete shows ability to run and get downfield. Very strong overall and shows good leg drive. Best in short area space and in down blocking in running game. Has good body control and sustains blocks well when sliding with man. Is aggressive off snap. Sticks man wit good head position. Strong leg action and gets into defender's chest. Pulls and runs aggressively. Smart approach. Runs very well and give excellent effort downfield.

WEAKPOINTS: Looks like his team runs more than passes so he may be under experienced in pass pro a bit. Could be more explosive at contact. Doesn't fire and explode off ball, which results in DL stacking him and causing a stalemate. Bit of a waist bender. Might have problems in space with quicker DL. Will need to get quicker and gain more initial burst to become effective in college. Set up in pass protection could be better and forceful.

SUMMARY: Brilliant in short space and running game, which shows he could a better RT than LT. Could excel in a Zone Blocking scheme once he gets a better burst off ball. Pulls and traps exceptionally well. Plays nasty and doesn't stop until his man on his back or the whistle is blown-whichever comes first. Good athletic OL that can run and will move to get up on you. A mauler in the running game that once his pass protection skills catch up, will develop into a valuable OL.

COMPARES TO : Joe Staley OL Central Michigan

Weathersby Grade: 6.9


Weathersby Grading Chart

9.0 Super Recruit/Day 1 Starter as True Frosh
8.0-8.9 Premier Recruit / Eventual Frosh Starter
7.0-7.9 Prime Recruit / Frosh Contributor
6.0-6.9 Good Recruit / Frosh Special Teamer
5.5-5.9 Good Recruit / Strong need for Redshirt
5.0-5.4 Depth Recruit / will provide 4 years of depth on roster
4.5-4.9 Developmental Prospect / Needs more time to hone needed skills and/or size
2.1-4.0 More info needed, Didn't see enough to fully evaluate
1.0-2.0 Ungradeable:Don't Offer

*Player's grades are based off tape and talent, not future school's depth chart and personnel Top Stories