Trojan NFL Draft recap

The Trojans have seen two receivers taken in the second round of the NFL draft today (Dwayne Jarrett by the Carolina Panthers and Steve Smith by the New York Giants) while a third former USC receiver (Mike Williams) was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Oakland Raiders. Carolina added another Trojan with the selection of Ryan Kalil later in the second round.

* Jarrett, who left USC after his junior year as the first two-time All-American receiver in school history, was chosen by Carolina with the 45th pick overall after much speculation that he would be selected in the later part of the first round. Jarrett joins other former USC receivers Keyshawn Johnson and Keary Colbert on the Panther roster and Keyshawn talked extensively on the ESPN draft broadcast about how excited he was for the opportunity to mentor Jarrett.

Jarrett post draft Q&A from Panthers site

* Smith was selected by the Giants with the #51 overall pick and the NY General Manager said on ESPN that the team felt Smith was an incredibly steady receiver, the kind that quarterbacks like to play with.

Smith post draft story from Giants site

* The Raiders sent a fourth round pick in this draft (#105 overall) for Mike Williams and QB Josh McCown. Williams will be re-united in Oakland with Lane Kiffin who was the lead recruiter for the Trojans when they signed Williams out of high school.

Williams/Raiders story from Raiders Scout site

* The Panthers stayed in a Trojan mood later in the second round (#59 overall) when they chose center Ryan Kalil. Ryan spent most of the second round as the top player on Mel Kiper's "Best Available" list.

Kalil post draft Q&A from Panthers site

* Linebacker Dallas Sartz was selected in the 5th round (143rd pick overall) by the Washington Redskins.

Sartz post draft story from Redskins site

* Another Trojan linebacker Oscar Lua, was picked in the 7th round by the New England Patriots with the 211th overall selection. Of course, all USC fans can tell you that good things happened the last time the Patriots picked a Trojan in the 7th round, can you say Matt Cassel?

Trojan Free Agent signings

WR Chris McFoy - Oakland Raiders
OT Kyle Williams - Baltimore Ravens
FB Ryan Powdrell - Green Bay Packers Top Stories