Combine thoughts from WeAreSC

WeAreSC staffers sat down after the Combine today to discuss the top performers on the day. Each writer was asked to comment on separate players so as to give a wide perspective on the players in attendance.

Johnny Curren: The guy who jumped out to me the most was Chris Polk. First of all, he shows up at 206 pounds and that surprised a lot of people but you can tell he's been spending a lot of time in the weight room. He said he wanted to bulk up a little more because he will be playing more running back this year at Redlands East Valley but he kept his speed by running a 4.53 40 and catching pretty much everything in the one on one drills. I saw him go up against Anthony Dye a couple times and he came down with the ball, he showed some real nice hands. He definitely was a standout to me today.

Greg Katz: Well, I think what's quite apparent is that Matt Kalil, the super offensive tackle from Servite, has established himself as a player who is probably the best in Southern California, regardless of position. When you look at Matt Kalil play the game, he plays it the way Brad Budde played when he came to USC, he's the closest thing to Budde that I've seen. There was a point in the one on ones where other linemen were basically coming up and wanting to go against him. One player, Carlton Hudson from Crenshaw, came up and was talking a little smack so Kalil kind of looked over to his entourage and gave a little smirk that meant you knew something was about to happen. On the ensuing play, Kalil dropped him with a blow that was like a baseball bat and the crowd went nuts. There's no question about it, Kalil has to be the best tackle in America.

Brian Matthews: Two guys that stood out to me were a pair of Trojan legacy guys in Maurice Simmons and Marquis Simmons. Maurice really surprised me today with his speed, that was questioned somewhat by people who were wondering where he would play at the next level, but he came out and ran a 4.41 40, which was very impressive, and he looked good in open space in coverage which is big for a future linebacker. One thing you notice with him is that even though he is committed to USC he is still out here looking to learn, he was always first in line, looking to take as many reps as he could. Both he and Marquis are humble kids, they come from good bloodlines, their brother Champ was out there today and that was good to see. Marquis ran a low 4.6 40 and just looks years beyond his age. I spoke with him afterwards and SC is definitely his leader, it's still early but I look for Marquis to be right there for the 2009 class.

Scott Schrader: First off, one of the quarterbacks who looked good early was Matt Scott from Centennial HS in Corona. He really throws a tight spiral, excellent arm, and an effortless throwing motion. I didn't watch the quarterbacks a lot today but he was one who jumped out. Like the rest of you guys, I spent a lot of time watching the linemen one on one drills and I agree with Greg that Matt Kalil was the top offensive line performer and probably the top overall guy at the camp. Two other guys to jump out were Craig Noble from Taft and Carlton Hudson from Crenshaw. They both played on the d-line and gave Matt a hard time on some reps although I think all of us would agree with Matt that Damien Holmes was the defensive lineman who gave him the hardest time. Holmes is definitely talented, speedy with a good motor. I should also mention that Eric Hicks, a cornerback from Norco, ran a 4.36 40 and had a decent day.

Garry Paskwietz: I'll talk about a couple guys, I thought Darrell Scott came out and proved his standing today as the top running back on the West Coast, I think everyone knows he can be a big, power back but to come out today to the first combine he has ever attended and to run a 4.39 on his first attempt and a 4.32 on his second attempt, I don't think anybody really expected to see speed like that. That really opened up my eyes, to be honest. I also liked the fact that he saw his 4.32 time and then immediately announced that he had to leave. Always leave on a high note, Darrell. The big tight end from Utah, Austin Holt, looked good and he stopped by the SC campus on Friday hoping to meet with the SC coaches but the coaches are on vacation and so he didn't get a chance to sit down with them. Austin has to be considered one of the top two tight ends on the West Coast along with Blake Ayles and he even mentioned that he was hoping to see Blake at the combine today with the hope that they could go head to head. It was good to see Kevin Graf here, only heading into his junior year at Agoura and weighing in at 291 pounds even though he doesn't turn 16 until June. He showed good footwork and his size certainly grabs your attention. D.J. Shoemate was also there, he didn't go through any drills but he did say that he has been 100% cleared by doctors to take part in Servite spring drills which start in mid-May. D.J. said it was killing him to sit on the sidelines watching the combine, he is so anxious to get back on the field. The final player we will mention is Covaughn Deboskie from Arizona, we know Darrell Scott is the top running back in the west but Covaughn deserves to be mentioned among the top guys after his performance today. He's pretty quick with good size. Top Stories