Pete's Arboblog

I really couldn't watch more than a few minutes here and there of the NFL draft. There's so much more to do on any given weekend in Southern California, after all. But I did TiVo some of it, and enjoyed the coverage that I didn't fast forward through.

Before reading it, I immediately echoed the sentiments of Coach: Don't believe in your own hype, no matter how good you were/are in college. A guy who is told he is a sure fire #1 draft pick in the early (or any part of the) first round, quite often is NOT.

Take heed Nick Young, and Gabe Pruitt. Dwayne Jarrett would have been the greatest pass catcher in terms of numbers if not in fact, in USC history had he stayed for his senior year. Mike Williams has been a bust, but DJ is a "can't miss". Except that 44 other teams thought more highly of someone else, including at least a few teams who thought more highly of other wide receivers!!

No guaranteed first round money, no guarantee of any kind. Ouch. Yet, from my seat in the press box and having observed him in practices and talked to him in person and seen him on the air, you can't help but feel that being grabbed all the way down at #45 is a steal for the Panthers.

Reggie was fine going early, hardly anyone else ever is. Stay and finish what you started. To do otherwise is to let your ego get the best of you.

That being said, it also made me happy that Ryan went with him to Carolina. At least they will have a buddy in each other at camp. And both can help that team right away. So they say.

Eric Wright, if his head is on right, is a nice pickup in a trade for the Browns. Steve Smith is going to New York. No one should have to put up with that. I feel badly for him, just on general principles. Oscar Lua, if his legs hold up, is quite the catch in the 7th round, and I think the Skins got a good one in Dallas in the 4th round, he can do a lot of different things and has a great attitude.


Congrats to Lindsey Nelson for winning the Pac Ten women's single championship in Ojai. Now let's see if the women get a good home draw and can make it to the final four. Maybe the men, too.


Absolutely loved the men's 4x400 relay and taking the win over the Bruins at Loker Saturday.

Lakers are toast. Glad they got in. What happened to Dallas, what's up with Golden State?

Nice 17 inning Dodger win. I went to another game last week. Against SF. I'm 0-3 now. Going again Wednesday I think to break the streak.

Spent Sunday at UCLA, which I have never ever done in the absence of a sporting event. I was there during the book fair to participate in the bi-monthly meeting of my writer's group.

Stephanie is now thinking of Cameryn Joanna as the name. That makes the girl "CJ" named for her brother's middle name, Cameron, who is in turn named for a child my ex wife babysat, and former USC Asst. AD Cameron Smith, who was one of my best friends in high school and beyond.

I hate the "Y" in the name, but that's the style today, try to be different.

My girl's hoopsters have qualified for the league playoffs in two weeks, and have a showdown for the regular season title at 3 pm next Saturday at Crespi. Baby daughter Veronica scored 4 last night in a win over Reseda, on the day she turned 15.

It was the same day, 15 years ago, that the Rodney King verdicts were read, and the almost all-white jury in Simi Valley exonerated the three police guys. The verdict came down when I was at the hospital with my dad, and we looked at each other and knew exactly what was coming.

I drive to Dodger Stadium shortly after that for my gig as PA guy there, and watched and listened to the goings on unfold. 7th inning: two LAPD officers hand me a typed note, and say solemnly, "read this verbatim, do not stray from its content please"

I read to the crowd of about 20-000 that the downtown freeways had been closed due to civil unrest, and to take alternate routes home. All but about 4-000 of the crowd got up en masse and left. Creepy.

Not much has changed in the riot areas, of course, after all that bluster and rhetoric. It hardly ever does. "They" don't seem to care after awhile, and it becomes, as it always has been, incumbent upon us to treat each other well, to make others' lives better by kindness and a good spirit. Maybe that is the best lesson we can take from the day Ronnie was born. Top Stories