McKnight's Advice

Well, it's been three months since Joe McKnight signed his letter-of-intent for USC and in less than two months, he'll step foot on Howard Jones Field, as a Trojan.

McKnight told WeAreSC he'll arrive on campus on June 23, two days before summer school begins.

"I can't wait until I get to USC, but I'm not going to rush it," McKnight said. "I want to spend as much time as possible with my family before I leave. I'll be gone for a couple of months before I'll get to see them again, but I can't wait to get out there--I can't wait."

When McKnight arrives at USC, he'll reunite with teammates he bonded with during the recruiting process. Especially those he spent a week with in San Antonio at the Army All-American Bowl. He'll also be greeted by former John Curtis teammate, Robby Green.

Green was recently offered a scholarship by the Trojans and he'll attend the Rising Seniors Camp (June 21-22). He'll then spend a couple of days in Los Angeles after the camp. "It will be great hanging out with Joe and him showing me around USC, and Los Angeles," Green said.

USC is going after Green hard, but so is LSU. Green isn't as high a profile prospect as McKnight was, but it goes without saying that LSU doesn't want to see another top in-state prospect get away, especially to USC.

We asked McKnight what he thought about Green and if he's given him any advice on how the handle the recruiting process.

"He's a very very good cornerback," McKnight said. "He's very athletic and has nice speed. He could play wide receiver, too.

"I gave him a couple of pointers on how to handle the whole (recruiting) process. I told him not to let the phone calls get out of hand--like coaches calling all the time. But I also told him he won't ever have to worry about that with Coach (Ken) Norton, because he'll only call one time a week. He didn't call all the time like other coaches. It's going to be a very hard process for him (Green) in the beginning, but it will be easy in the end."

Although a ban on text messages won't take affect until August 1, McKnight said Green won't have to worry about USC flooding his cell phone with messages, either.

"I got the least amount of text messages from USC," McKnight said. "Most of my text message came from LSU, Ole Miss and Miami. I was getting between 30 and 40 text messages a day. Like I said, most of them came from LSU and Ole Miss.

"Coach (Larry) Porter and the LSU coaching staff sent me text messages over and over, saying, ‘There's no place like home, there‘s no place like home.‘ Like I should have state pride. But I never really believed I should base my decision on a school because of state pride. I wanted to make my own decision.

What was meant to be a phone call asking McKnight his thoughts on Robby Green, turned out to be an enlightening conversation about USC's approach to recruiting. A few years ago, Sam Young (Notre Dame OT) had this to say about the different philosophies schools have with recruiting.

"Some take a different angle than others," Young said. "Some go at it a little more direct and some try and maintain a sense of normalcy in this process."

It's obvious the Trojans do their best to maintain a sense of normalcy and it‘s been a successful approach. "That's one of the things I liked about USC," McKnight said. "When we talked it would be a long conversation, and that's better than a bunch of short conversations."

Another topic that's recently been discussed is limiting the number of calls recruiting services are permitted to make. We're not sure how the NCAA could enforce limiting calls, but it's a topic worth exploring in our opinion.

"Some websites would call me like crazy," McKnight said. "They would call all the time. When I got closer to making my decision, I turned my phone off. Before that, like a month before signing-day, I was open to talk to all coaches to get their opinion and talk about their school."

Joe will join us in the WeAreSC chatroom on Monday (May 7) at 7pm PST. Top Stories