Pete Carroll post game comments

Click below for post game comments from Pete Carroll in his locker room interview with KMPC radio hosts Pete Arbogast, Paul McDonald and Petros Papadakis.

Petros Papadakis

"Coach, it was a hostile environment against a ranked opponent, did you expect this kind of domination from your team today?"

Pete Carroll

"Naw, I can't tell you that I did.  We hoped to play a good football game and get good results but this was just terrific.  With the altitude, the fans and the whole thing, it didn't effect us a bit.  We played our football and really executed, to their demise.  It was just a big time day for us."


"It seemed at one point in the game as if everyone who made the trip got into the game.  Is that something you planned, is that how you build a football team?"


"Really it's been the theme for two weeks to try and get everybody involved so we practiced a lot of guys and prepared them and just had the opportunity today for everybody to play.  It's so much more rewarding for the guys who work their butts off every day in practice, I would love everybody to get some play time.  It just adds to the locker room, to everything."

Paul McDonald

"Let's talk about first half versus second half.  In the first half you were rolling on both sides of the ball and special teams, everywhere.  In the second half you had to play with a lead, what did you tell the team at halftime?"


"We have a theme we talked about which is "what you did doesn't mean anything, what are you gonna do next?" and it just fits so well at halftime.  The last two weeks the kids have really responded and just tore it up in the second half.  I'm just thrilled about that, I can't tell you how fired up I am that we can come out and play better in the second half.  You know, the kicking game problems kind of give a glimpse about what was going on because we didn't let it stop us, we just kept rolling on both sides of the ball."


"A 2.3 yard per carry average against Auburn, up close to 5 yards per carry today.  How does that make you feel?"


"Well, that's great.  It was against two different teams too.  Colorado is working their way back up after having a huge year last year, this team is still growing and their going to develop as the season goes along. On the line of scrimmage we had our way a little more today, Auburn had a fine front you know so just in respect to them I think that had something to do with it.  Winston Justice played a lot today and Zach got back into the game so he's back to full strength next week.  You saw Justin Fargas, the bugger slipped on the field one time on me, I wasn't gonna let him out there.  Next week he should be full speed and ready to go so we're getting pretty fired up."


"Carson Palmer, it just seems like he's in total control out there."


"I was really kind of hoping, with the style of our offense, that we would go out each week and everything would kind of look the same.  You know, the rythym is there, the quickness of the reads and the precision of getting the ball out, we just want to carry it from one game to the next and I'm feeling that Carson is really on the money with that. He really knows what we want, he's making great choices, he made one bonehead thing today but other than that he's just dead on the money.  I loved the drive in the fourth quarter when he hit every pass including some big third downers.  You can't expect more from him, he's playing great football."

Pete Arbogast

"Special teams you had some things go on both sides but that gives you something to work on."


"That's always good, that's how we want it.  We don't want to get too confident in ourselves, we've got things to fix and we're looking forward to getting back to work with Kansas State.  It's really going to be a war out there and, to me, I've really pointed toward this game since we played them last year because I thought they were the best defense, with the best personnel and the most difficult team to play against.  In my mind as I was preparing all the way through the off-season I had them in the back of my mind because I think it's a marker for us.  If we can come out and play good football on offense against them then we're ready for our conference.  We'll find out where we are, it'll be difficult but I'm glad we got a win on the road under our belt.  We'll find out what we're all about, it's a great match-up for us this next week" Top Stories