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I'm looking forward to heading to Marx stadium for some NCAA tennis action this weekend. Both the men and women's teams figure to win these mini pods of first and second round matches and advance to the sweet 16 in Georgia. Both stand excellent chances of advancing from there for at least one round more, and after that, you just never know.

The program collection is advancing nicely, and we are about to put the finishing touches on "phase one" either late this or early next week. As you may have seen, I posted a listing of all of the programs we still need to bring it up to date (at least back into the early 60's) and have received pretty good response on that list, which I will update regularly to let you know where we stand. Working together from this point forward we can all make this a wonderful addition to the Newport Sports Museum.

Thanks to those who have gone out of their way to write me with their lists, and for the rest of you, if you have programs from past games, check the list on the message boards for updates.


I tuned in 1540 (the ticket) the other day and got exactly what we had been told for months was coming, Korean Business Radio. Whatever went wrong, went wrong in a hurry, but ultimately, there wasn't a lot that could be done about the one thing that harmed this station from the get-go: the strength of its signal. USC programming was top notch; the best that USC teams have ever received. The talent line up was strong, with some outstanding hosts, great update guys and a fun staff. The on air guys even got along with the sales people. But there were never any ratings….ever. The money that poured into the place from corporate in the early years absolutely dried up. Management changed several times in both programming and sales. Morale was low. The staff turned cynical.

And in the end, when SC left, it was already over.

Another station gone by the wayside in LA radio. But, a stop I'll never forget. I feel sort of bad for the guys still there. They have shows going out nationally over the network, but since no one in Southern California can hear those shows, there is no way for these guys to ask anyone for feedback locally. No one is listening here. It's a strange business—radio—these days.

I ran a nice 5k in Santa Monica to help "Heal the Bay" on Sunday morning. It came up a pretty hot one, even at 7:30 am. The course saw a steady, insistent if not slight incline most of the first 2 and a half miles, then a slight down slope the final half. I got out quickly, but it was so dry even early on, I was parched almost immediately. A good 8:55 mile out, then a 9:11 as I began to falter, then a good finish and an age group PR of 27:58!! With better conditions I could have done maybe another 30 seconds faster, and have improved on my 5k time by almost 5 minutes from last July.

Jenny ran the 10k, which featured a small jaunt up San Vicente Hill. Ugh.

After the race, an unidentified Trojan fan spotted me sitting, waiting for Jen to come across, and told me how much he appreciated the game broadcasts, the blog and all the rest. It's so nice to hear that from fans. I try to engage you guys any time you come up, because I don't want you to think I, like some others in the business, are not approachable, regular guys. So any time you want to talk about anything or nothing, it's cool with me. And, no, it's not because I'm lacking for company, or any such nonsense.


The Santa Monica Twins baseball team wins two straight, and are back in first place. We have a six-team league and lead three other teams by ½ game each. Talk about each game having meaning. Yikes!

The Smart and Final Golden Valley Magic girls' basketball team went unscathed through the league and opens the playoffs this Saturday at 9 am at Poly High in Sun Valley. If we win, we play the final Sunday at 4 at Reseda High.

The job search is over. The only hang up is the start date, which I am hoping is next Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Do you like playing Virginia home and home? I do!

What happened to the Hawaii away date on the future schedules? Now it's listed as TBA. I hope that's a typo. Talk about a great trip!

I had Circular Cuay in the derby. Oh well.

Go Ducks Go!

A good friend of the family, Tom Poston died last week. You know him from lots of shows. He and my dad were good friends. When I was a newborn, and my dad was traveling between Chicago, New York and LA for different jobs, my mom and I lived with the Poston's for a short time in New York. I saw and spoke with him a few times years ago, but not recently. Funny guy.

Congrats to Mike Scoscia. Most wins ever as an Angel's manager. He passes the very first Angels skipper Bill Rigney. This tells me two things I already knew: The Angels have not been very good most of the time, and under Mike Scoscia, I expect them to be good most of the time, telling you how good he has been. Any guy with two "sc's" in his name……

Till next time,

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