Recruit Profile: Ryan Deehan

One recruit who has seen his stock rise over the past few weeks is Poway HS (CA.) tight end Ryan Deehan. Deehan, who stands 6'5 and weighs 230 lbs., has seen his offer list rise to five recently, and is hoping for more as college coaches come through Poway to see the tight end in action.

"Not to much is new in terms of recruiting right now," answered Deehan. "I still have five offers, and they are from San Diego State, Arizona State, Colorado, Cal, and Texas A&M."

It seems that most recruits now-a-days like to make a commitment fairly early, but Deehan has a plan when it comes to recruiting.

"I'm open to everything and everyone," said Deehan. "I want to take all of my trips and evaluate all of my options before making a decision. There really isn't a school I can think of that I would commit to if they offered, I am going to wait it out and be smart about it."

Distance is often one of the biggest hurdles when trying to lure a recruit all the way across the country. And while Deehan does admit that he would like to stay somewhat local, he is not eliminating the possibility of playing college football outside of California.

"Distance won't be to much of a factor. Staying local would be nice, but if an offer comes in from a school I like across the country, I'm going to look at them to."

With five offers already in hand, the talented tight end has set aside a few things he likes about each of the schools that have offered.

San Diego State - "I like how they are local, and they are not a bad football team, which is good. My family could come and watch me play too."

Cal - "Cal obviously has good academics, and they also have a good football team too. They're fairly close, so that's also nice."

Colorado - "I've heard that the school is really beautiful. A lot of tight ends have come from Colorado, and that's something I'll keep in mind."

Arizona State - "ASU has a good tight end tradition, and they are also pretty close to home."

Texas A&M - "I don't really know too much about A&M right now. I know its Texas, and they usually have good football there. I know they have good players there too."

With May being the top month for coaches to prioritize their recruits, it is no surprise that Deehan has seen quite a few guests come through Poway. Deehan was paid a visit by two unexpected guests recently, although its safe to say he didn't mind the extra attention.

"Coach Morton and Coach Carroll from SC came by," said Deehan. "To tell you the truth, I didn't even know they were coming. Coach Morton was looking for prospects in the area, and I guess he must have heard of me. He came by and watched, then my coach told me that Coach Carroll was going to be visiting."

It is safe to say that Coach Morton must have liked what he saw in Deehan. The Trojans will lose two tight ends to graduation next year, so it comes as no surprise that that the Poway senior to-be is receiving the attention. Deehan did say that having Coach Carroll watching him was something he won't soon forget.

"When Coach Carroll came and visited, I kept thinking 'wow' to myself," he responded. "It was a great honor, having the greatest college football coach in the nation right now at my school."

Although the Trojans have not discussed a scholarship offer, they did invite the talented tight end to a summer camp, one which Deehan is set on attending.

"SC is definitely high on my list," said the 2nd Team All-State tight end. "The coaches said they want me to come to one of their summer camps. I'm most likely going to the camp on June 22-23rd. Even if SC were to offer, I wouldn‘t commit on the spot. I do not want to rush anything, I want to take my time. But it definitely would be something on mind."

Deehan recently set a few goals for himself heading into the off-season, one which he says he is close to reaching.

"I actually am getting pretty close to reaching one of my goals," he answered. "I am trying to get up to 240-245 lbs. by next season, and I am already up to 230. Other then that, my goal is to win a CIF Championship. We got there last year, but came up short. I don't care about stats."

Although Deehan does not have a top three, he did admit to having a few schools that he would like to officially visit come fall.

"UCLA, USC, ASU, and Notre Dame were the schools I would like to visit. Notre Dame is probably out of the picture right now though. I'd also like to check out Michigan, I've heard good things about them."

Deehan is definitely a player to keep an eye on, and will keep you up-to-date on everything that is USC recruiting. Top Stories