MMQB report

Click below for a recap of thoughts from today's Monday Morning Quarterback meeting:

The MMQB (Monday Morning Quarter Backs) luncheon group meets at 11:30 AM to hear the coach after each football game (except the last game of the season). I've been attending since John Robinson's first term. It is usually a very congenial group and all we do is talk SC football before the coach arrives. A large contingent of this group travels to the away games and therefore is able to ask very specific questions about things that those of us who watch on TV were unaware.

Today's meeting was special because of the very successful game at Colorado last Saturday. An overflow crowd - they had to set up additional tables - of 150 arrived and were ready to cheer and ask mostly positive questions. Yes, the subject of kicking did come up and PC gave answers that made me believe that he understands the situation and what to do about it.

At times like this, when we are on a roll and look good, optimism abounds. Never have I seen a closer bond between the group and a coach than I saw today. Pete Carroll has won over the remaining doubters and, IMO, is firmly established as our leader. He arrived to a standing ovation and accepted congratulations with humility and a good sense of reality. I get the idea that he's been here before. That is exactly what I would expect from an experienced head coach but unfortunately we haven't always gotten it from some past coaches.

PC talked about the game at Colorado. He talked about the performance of our players and the proficiency level of our opponent. The bulk of his remarks were positive but he did acknowledge a few areas where we under preformed. In my estimation, he is not about to let over-confidence catch up with him or the team. His ambition for our team requires an ever-increasing level of performance each week.

He does select several plays from the previous game to show and analyze. He shows them several times and points out the key match ups that made for success. It is a short clinic every week and our coaches have been doing this since before I started attending. PC selects almost all our best plays. Paul Hackett more frequently chose plays that did not work and explained why they broke down. It was a valid analytical technique but I always had the suspicion that he wanted everyone to know that those failures were not coaching failures but execution failures.

PC also talked about our coming game with Kansas State. In response to questions he compared their team this year with last year. My impression is that he feels we are in for a true test and that neither team knows for sure how good they are. He is very focused on the job at hand and gives assurances that the team is also.

Here is a guy that loves his job. It shows at MMQB and I think it is showing on the field of play as well. Top Stories