The Great Scott

Last year it appeared USC would finally sign a five-star cornerback prospect in Donovan Warren, but in the final hour of the 2007 recruiting process, he decided Michigan was the school for him. Warren's commitment to Michigan made Ronald Johnson the Trojans' the top priority at cornerback and in a strange twist of fate, he committed to USC.

USC had hoped Anthony Gildon would change his mind and decide USC was a better fit than Oregon, but that didn't happen. And USC got into the game too late with Omar Bolden.

Johnson will begin his career at USC as a wide receiver, but said he would welcome the move to cornerback. "I see myself playing cornerback in the NFL," Johnson told WeAreSC in April.

So, finding a few elite cornerbacks is a priority for USC this year, and so far the Trojans have offered T.J. Bryant, Brandon Harris, Robby Green and Burton Scott. All out-of-state prospects.

Scott is about as versatile an athlete as we'll find in the 2008 recruiting class and one of Alabama's top players. He rushed for 1,070 yards with 11 touchdowns, threw for 1,059 yards with eight touchdowns and had 12 receptions for 353 yards and one touchdown.

Although he's a threat at multiple positions, he considers himself a quarterback. However, most schools consider him an athlete.

"I'm a quarterback," Scott said. "I started at quarterback last year, but I played wide receiver and I played on defense. We just do whatever it takes to win.

"Some schools like me as a defensive back, some schools like me as a playmaker. The schools that like me for offense are saying they'll give me a shot at quarterback, but most schools want to move me around. They'll put me in the slot for one play, running back for one play and quarterback for one play, stuff like that. I do prefer to play on offense, but my preference is to play wherever I can get on the field. If they need me at cornerback and that's where I can play early, then cornerback it is."

USC is one of the latest schools to offer Scott, along with Miami and Florida. Scott said he doesn't know much about the Trojans, other than what most do and the positions they're recruiting him for.

"I know about Reggie Bush, Lendale White and the Heisman Trophy winners coming out of there," Scott said. "Other than that, I don't know much about USC other than they win big and they're recruiting me as a cornerback/safety."

Although he doesn't have a top-five or top-ten list of schools he's interested in, Scott did name five schools standing out more than others.

"Alabama, Florida, USC, Florida State and I don't know much about Miami, but that was my favorite team coming up as a kid," Scott said.

And Scott has plans to visit most of those schools.

"I'm going to visit Georgia, Florida, Arkansas and Florida State," Scott said. "After that I'm going to try and make it to Miami, Texas and South Carolina. I don't know if I'll make it to USC, but USC is a school I'll officially visit."

While on his visits this summer, Scott said he'll spend time learning about business schools because he's already decided business will be his major. Finally, we asked if there was anything specific other than a quality business school he was looking for.?

"I don't know anything specific that I'm looking for in a school, but hopefully I'll find it after some of my visits," Scott said. Top Stories