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Well, it didn't take too long….just a year, a month, and 3 weeks……but I will back on the roll call of the fully employed as of next Monday, June 4. I am still not at total liberty to talk about the job, but as soon as the ink is dry on the final contract, and I get the go-ahead, I will share some of the plans we have that you readers will be particularly excited about. Big things a-comin!

Sadly, the tennis season is over for SC, but what a great ride of Junior Lindsey Nelson, who made the NCAA championship match again, and ought to be a favorite next year at this time to win it all.

With that we'll keep an eye on the golf teams in the NCAA's and the various Track and field athletes heading off to the NCAA's, the final athletes still competing this late in the school year for Troy.

The baseball team didn't quite have enough to make the NCAA field. A decent team that just wasn't quite there. And you had BETTER be there in the Pac-10 and in the highly competitive world of west coast baseball.

Staying with baseball, I was asked today to make my annual mid-season selections for divisional and pennant winners in the major leagues. My father-in-law in training, David Swan, puts it on from his home in Sioux Falls.

It ain't that easy, man! You try it. You get a 50 game head start, and try to pick the three division winners, the wild card team, the AL and NL championship series teams, and the world series combatants and winner….I went Red Sox, Tigers, Angels and Indians, Mets, Cubs (yikes), Diamondbacks (beating the Padres and Dodgers in a three way playoff for the NL West title) and Braves. Angels over Red Sox and Mets beating the Braves, Mets win it all.

Winner gets nothing except a laurel, and hardy handshake!

The Dodgers could win it, but need another major bat in the lineup before too long, I think.

How ‘bout them Yankees!? Tied for last with the Devil Rays. The Yankees lose, thuuu—uu—uu---uu--- Yankees lose!

The Santa Monica Pony league Bronco Twins, battling late season fatigue or something, find themselves 2 out with 4 to play, but a chance to make up a game against the league leading Carson Reds Thursday. Win and stay alive, lose and it's all over as far as title talk.

Marshall High's Northern League co-champion Barristers beat Crenshaw in the opening round of the city 3A playoffs at home, but lost to Granada Hills in the second round. Marshall had one decent pitcher, and used him in game one. Granada has at least one and saved him in a win over lowly Hollywood in round one.

The Barristers pole vault crew, under the tutelage of brother John all scored points it he city championship meet.

Paul McDonald and I have been approached to maybe do some writing and voice over work for another football film/TV series (I don't know yet which). We had great fun doing the pilot for Friday Night Lights, but they moved the production to Texas, so we got aced out. Maybe this one will last longer than one show!

Former Trojan Alan Graf, as usual, is the guy who brought up our names. His kid is coming in another year or so to the offensive line for PC. He is a VERY large young man.


Sorry to see Chris Barrett could not get his educational stuff together long enough to stay eligible. He'll miss a heck of a season. Hopefully he will be back. It's always good to have depth at every spot, and now we are weaker on the DL as a result.


\Ex-USC Sports Info assistant Jeff Bechtold sent me a 1997 USC at Washington game program for our collection.

And we are getting the 1968 SC vs Miami (Fla) home gamer from Dr. Jerry Josef of O.C. very soon.

The collection is waiting for several bookshelves to arrive before it can be displayed properly. When they arrive, I will go down there and put the finishing touches on the current project.

Fiancée Jenny asks anyone of you readers if you have, or know of anyone who has a Mercedes Diesel that you would like to donate to her…she wants to convert it to alternative fuel and use the car as part of her varying lesson plans for kids in our community and beyond to teach them about what it takes to do such a thing, and how important it is, as well. She says she can buy it, but not for very much. But if someone has one and never uses it, or it is perhaps in a state of some disrepair, then let us know.


Summer approaches—I am about to begin training for the three event summer body surfing season. I really hate going in much earlier, wet suits are not terribly conducive to swimming well, and the water is too darn cold even with ‘em. This year, I'll compete in my age group in Manhattan, San Clemente and the World Championships at Oceanside in August.

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